Online retailer Amazon recently overtook Netflix to take top honors as the best e-commerce retailer of 2011. The website received this honor from a survey that measured the online satisfaction of consumers and how it motivates their buying decisions.

In a new report released this week by market research company ForSee, Amazon topped its list of 100 online retailers ranked through an index that measured consumers’ satisfaction with each retailer based on 2010 sales volume.

ForSee’s reported attempted to quantify two main aspects of e-commerce: customer satisfaction and purchase intent. Customer satisfaction, according to the company, is the most important measure of an e-commerce company’s success because it drives all other consumer behaviors—purchases, recommendations, loyalty are just some of those metrics. Using customer satisfaction as a measure, ForSee’s report showed that satisfaction remained at 78 out of a 100-point scale in 2011 from the previous year.

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Amazon, which earned a satisfaction score of 86 out of 100, took top honors for the first time in the seven years ForSee has conducted its study while Netflix, which came in first place last year, came in second with score of 85. Avon, QVC and Newegg rounded out the top five list of retailers using exclusively satisfaction as a measure after scoring above 80—the report’s excellence threshold.

Purchase intent, the second aspect used to determine ForSee’s top 100 e-retailer list, measures the likelihood that a consumer will make a purchase from a retailer either online, at a store on through any other means. Again Amazon took the lead after earning a score of 93, while Kohls (90), (90), (89) and (89) trailed closely behind.

“Time and again our research shows that customer satisfaction drives loyalty, positive word of mouth, and future purchase intent,” said Larry Freed in a statement. “Even as this economy slowly recovers, competition for the consumer dollar has never been tighter, so companies cannot afford to be complacent with their single most important consumer interface: the website.”

Here’s a snapshot of the ForSee’s top 100 best e-commerce companies below:

2011 Rank by Sales VolumeWebsiteSatisfaction ScorePurchase Intent Score

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