Both the banking and technology world’s collided this week at the 2011 Finovate conference in San Francisco, which showcased some of the newest innovations both have to offer. Keep reading to find about just some of the new services announced at Finovate and other news that circulated in this week’s news round-up.

Mobile Banking Reaches New Levels:

Visa Inc. was one of many companies this week to announce plans to expand its mobile wallet services. Visa, which began testing mobile wallet technology with Bank of America® as far back as last August. It mobile wallet service, which will first launch in the United States and Canada, will eventually be reintroduced to other global markets.

Another company, Pageonce, also announced at Finovate that had received $15 billion in new funding to put towards the development of its mobile financial management tool. The company’s CEO, Guy Goldstein, said the company’s ultimate aim is to transform the smartphone into “the Wallet of the Future.”

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Capital One Rolls Out Mobile Check Deposit Services:

Capital One joined a number of other U.S. banks this week by announcing a partnership with mobile-imaging applications developer Mitek Systems to introduce mobile check deposit services. Last Mitek announced that 26 other banks had signed on with it to begin integrating mobile check deposit functions, while both Capital One and Bank of America® are the two latest big banks to team up with the developer.

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Sony Offers Relief to Hacking Victims:

Finally, Sony has provided some much-needed relief to victims of its recent hacking fiasco by offering a free, 12-month identity protection plan to PlayStation Network and Qriocity account holders. Through its partnership with consumer and corporate identity protection firm Debix, Inc., the company will offer AllClear ID Plus plan that affected customers will have until June 18 to sign up for.

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