If you are a frequent traveler you know how quickly your schedule can fill up with dates, times and numbers. One figure that may be especially hard to keep track of is your travel rewards, but with the launch of Superfly.com this may soon be taken care of.

At MyBankTracker.com we are constantly posting deals and writing reviews about various credit cards that offer the best travel miles and signing bonuses. With different conversion rates and partnerships it may be difficult to keep track of your travel rewards or which card is truly best for your schedule.

Superfly To The Rescue

Superfly.com was created in an effort to help travelers organize their travel rewards to easily see how many are available or how many more are needed.

The site also provides an added use by educating users on how to maximize the value of their travel points and find credit cards that suit their spending and travel habits. The company also looks through the best flight and hotel packages for your rewards.

According to their CrunchBase Profile, “Superfly is like Mint for travel, but bigger. We collect and analyze your travel patterns, offer ways to save, and in the process break open the travel value chain.”

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The reason so many Americans have trouble organizing their travel points and utilizing the best deals is due to the confusing terms of agreement and the plethora of fine print tied with these packages. Superfly sorts through all this jargon for their users, and does it for free.

According to TechCrunch, one of the first to break the story, the small startup just closed on a round of high-profile angel investors earning $500K in seed funding.

Travel Rewards Market

The travel industry has saved nearly $500 to $600 billion on unused miles and points. With almost 22 trillion of unused points circulating Superfly has tapped into a market where there is a clear need for organization and information.

Although Superfly is currently in Beta Testing, meaning the product is complete but it is not yet ready to hit the market, you can still sign up to be a member in order to get notifications and find out when the company’s testing is complete. To sign up to be a member visit superfly.com.


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