Many women have a ton to balance on their plate between taking care of their families to balancing work, adding financials to the picture can be stressful. Citigroup wanted to provide a forum where women could ask questions and get answers from financial experts that understood their financial realities.

Citigroup’s description about Women & Co. was pretty accurately when it stated, “Women have distinct financial realities — we live longer, spend more years in retirement, and are more likely to take time out of the workforce to tend to our families.”

Traditionally a male dominated arena, women have a much more diverse relationship with finance. Understanding this, Citigroup wanted to create a community where women not only find the financial support and answers they need, but also provides tools for women to empower themselves.

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Women & Co.
Women & Co. was started in 2000 and has been growing ever since. With membership benefits including;

  • Newsletters to keep you updated on Women & Co. events and updates
  • Access to a library of articles, audio and video clips with expert insight and advice on financial matters directly related to women
  • Guides, quizzes and worksheets to provide an interactive experience and also help with developing financial goals
  • Calculators and Planning Tools to help project future finances

This is basically a community where women can turn to be understood and helped. Women & Co. also conducts research to evaluate trends in the financial habits of women. Their most recent national study found that 66% of women consider themselves the Chief Financial Officers of their household and an even higher percentage (73%) of working women consider themselves the CFOs of the house.

To learn more about the Female-oriented financial community visit the Woman & Co. website created by Citigroup.

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