No really it’s true, your job is making you fat, some important scientists did a study and everything. According to a study done by PLoS One, a peer-reviewed science publication, found that caloric expenditure related to the workplace has decreased over the past 50 years.

The study conducted over the past 5 decades, compiles data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S National Health and Nutrition Examination surveys. What they found is not very surprising, but it does put a number to a concept.

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In a world where individuals have everything at the touch of a smartphone it’s no wonder people are gaining more weight. According to this study, America’s problem with obesity is now overflowing into the work place as well. The study found that about half of the jobs in the private sector used to require moderate intensity physical activity during the work day in the early 60s, this number is now at 20 percent.

With emerging technology it makes sense that Americans are using less energy in their daily lives, but the types of jobs aren’t helping either. With more and more companies becoming digital and handing off work to computers americans have now decreased their caloric expenditure by approximately 142 calories.

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Although 100 calories may not seem like a lot, but they calculated that a 142 calorie reduction a day could potentially increase a man’s weight by 17.5 pounds, they also had similar findings for women. As work places begin to evolve and adapt to emerging technologies it is becoming more difficult to stay healthy.

One way you can try to combat this is by asking your company if there is a way to set up a gym membership discount through the  company. If you are not much of a gym person try to get out for lunch and take a longer walk to the restaurant you choose. It is important for Americans to combat the decreasing caloric expenditure through added exercise and movement.

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  • My job is definitely making me fat. Although, if my gym was more convenient I would definitely go more. (by go more, I mean… go at all)