A native Android app for PNC Virtual Wallet customers will be arriving in the coming months.

PNC Bank (NYSE: PNC) aims to release a native Virtual Wallet mobile banking app for Android smartphones by October, according to a post by Michael Ley, vice president of e-Business at PNC, on the “Inside the Wallet” blog, viewable only to Virtual Wallet accountholders.

PNC’s Virtual Wallet account takes a nontraditional approach to consumer banking. Users divide their funds among three accounts that are designated Spend (checking), Reserve (short-term savings), and Growth (long-term savings). With a slider, customers can set the amount they want to place in each sub-account. They can track spending and cash flow on a calendar and create wish lists to save money for those purchases.

Ley wrote that the new Android app is expected to have “all the key features you have read about in the iPhone app,” including the calendar, money bar, credit card integration, and the crowd-favorite mobile deposit, which allows customers to deposit paper checks with a smartphone camera.

Ley expressed that he was able to relate with customers’ demand for a native Android app as he owns an Android smartphone as well. The iPhone and iPod touch versions of the Virtual Wallet app was released in August of 2009, while mobile check deposit recently launched in May.

For customers anticipating the new Android app, Ley says, “Make sure that your device is running Android 2.1 or higher because that’s going to be our minimum Android OS requirement when the app becomes available.”

The app could be available as soon as September and as late as October. PNC Bank will continue to announce updates on their progress as they approach the rollout date.

The Virtual Wallet app represents PNC’s most comprehensive app for the bank’s Android customers, while its PNC Mobile Android app – for its regular customers – remains lackluster. It would be surprising not to see a revamped update to this app as well.

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  • Bob

    Hey look everybody!  Wanna know how much money I have?  Take a look at my phone!  Who needs privacy?  Who needs an account statement?  Here, why don’t I give you my keys so you can just rob me blind?  And by the way, I must be really stupid, because I have to have a phone in order to create a wish list.  Maybe my phone can feed me, too, because I don’t know to use a knife, fork, and spoon. Or go to the grocery store.

    • Tergiversator_Maximus

      The app requires a password to open.  You can still get paper account statements, but why not save some paper and get them digitally?  It’s also convenient to be able to know your account balance and move money around at any moment, rather than waiting to use a computer or go to the bank.  This feature has saved plenty of people from overdraft fees and is a valuable tool in helping to be financially responsible.  The wish list and calendar features are merely extra tools that are conveniently located within the banking software; there is no requirement to use them.

      This application and Virtual Wallet in general are geared toward Generation Y, which is very comfortable with technology and highly technology literate – we understand it can make things more convenient and isn’t some kind of black magic voodoo that needs to be feared.  Your inane comment contributes nothing to this article and it only makes you look like a cranky, old curmudgeon who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Just because you’re a luddite (what are you doing online in the first place?) doesn’t mean you should be a douchebag about it.  

  • Wow, now we cam manage our money also through our android…nice app..android rocks!!!

  • Tergiversator_Maximus

    It’s about damn time!  I contacted PNC several times over a year ago trying to find out when we could expect an Android version and I kept hearing “soon.”  I’m surprised it took this long to port the application to the Android platform, but I’m hoping they took their time in order to optimize it fully.  Either way, I’m glad PNC is finally coming through and my iPhone-using friends will stop bragging. 🙂

    • Verbeke rocks!

      Nope, I’m going to keep bragging about all the other stuff you dont have.