Canadian Visa customers will soon be able to purchase fast food at McDonald’s restaurant locations using their smartphones following the payment processor’s plans to integrate payWave technology at the more than 1,400 of the restaurant’s store locations.

The company announced  this week that contactless payment technology capabilities were currently available at the restaurant chain’s in-store counters and would be available at drive-thru locations later this summer. McDonald’s joins a growing number of contactless payment enabled merchants that allow customers to simply swipe wave their smartphones to make payments in lieu of either using cash, credit cards or other traditional payment routes.

Other payWave-enabled Canadian merchants include Petro-Canada, Cineplex Entertainment movie theatres, Rexall Pharma Plus pharmacies, Jean Coutu and Rabba Fine Foods, M&M Meat Shops, according to Visa spokeswoman Carla Hindman.

“This is significant because contactless payments make the checkout experience faster and easier – meaning that McDonald’s will be able to process customers faster and improve service times” said Hindman.  “From a Visa perspective, it’s exciting to give Visa cardholders the ability to pay quickly and easily with Visa payWave at one of Canada’s favourite restaurant chains.”

Visa’s payWave works by allowing customers to wave their Visa cards over a unique reader rather than inserting or swiping a card, which can cut back on the likelihood of fraudulent purchases. The card uses EMV chip technology, which securely stores and encrypts confidential information. Once the reader reads a customer’s card, a payment can then be processed in less than a third of a second.

Visa payWave platform is one of the backbone’s of its most recent payment endeavor–the Visa Digital Wallet. The wallet allows Visa cardholders to consolidate multiple Visa and non-Visa payments accounts to make purchases using their phones, traditional eCommerce routes as well as on social networking sites. It also includes a “click-to-buy” tool that allows cardholders to shop by entering their email address or other identifier and a password in lieu of a billing address, account number and expiration date.

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