If you could switch jobs with any person in the world, who would it be? A new survey released by job placement agency Snagajob showed that a good portion of U.S. workers would opt to fill the shoes of the most powerful couple in the free world: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Other famous people making the list included musical performers Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber and newly married Prince William and his Kate Middleton. Here’s how the rest of the survey results broke down for men:

Barack Obama33%
Wll Ferrell20%
Prince William16%
Tom Brady15%
Justin Bieber15%

And, here’s how they broke down for women:
Barack Obama33%Michelle Obama37%
Wll Ferrell20%Lady Gaga23%
Prince William16%Kate Middleton18%
Tom Brady15%Tina Fey17%
Justin Bieber15%Lea Michele5%

“When given the choice between fame and power, hourly workers dream of making a difference rather than basking in the limelight and living lavishly as a celebrity,” said the company’s senior vice president of product Amanda Richardson.  “Dream jobs are not always about what they do for you but very often about how to make life better for others.”
The survey included more than 3,400 respondents that were required to select choices from a list of five well-known personalities. The survey was conducted between May 9 and May 31.

It Pays (More) To Have an Hourly Summer Job in 2011:

For those of you interested in finding a fulfilling but more obtainable hourly job, Snagajob.com is a pretty valuable resource. The company, which boasts to be the only online job placement website devoted to hourly labor, currently has more than 25 million hourly workers in its network.
Those that already have hourly summer jobs may have discovered that you’ve been receiving fatter paychecks. Another study conducted by SnagAJob and released this past May show that the average hourly rate for summer workers was nearly 7 percent higher than last year, or $10.90 versus $10.20.  The survey results showed that hiring managers would also be hiring more seasonal staff than last year, though competition still remains fierce for these type of positions.

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