If you’re new to the social networking game or you just want to familiarize with American Express’ latest tool check out the livestreaming telecast below.

American Express Want You to “Link, Like, Love”

Early today the team at MyBankTracker.com was excited to report American Express’ latest tool combing Facebook activity with their credit cards. Here is a live presentation to explain how the program works:

They also have a live “Question and Comment” section that will answer all your questions. American Express has been at the forefront of offering the ultimate consumer-card connectivity through different social networking techniques such as facebook and foursquare.

Although these services are highly beneficial to bargain-oriented social networkers, it can be invasive for others. It is important to monitor your spending habits when you are signing up or using services such as this one. As budgets are still recovering from the economy many consumers are drawn to marketing like buy one get one free discounts or sales of sorts, make sure that you are buying things you need and not things that are just on sale.

No Coupons, No Hassels

One of the greatest benefits of this deal is the fact that you don’t have to wait for a coupon or enter any codes to get the discount. This is a level of convenience that many bargain shoppers and credit card users alike will appreciate. Your savings will appear as credit on your next statement, but you must use your card after signing up for the deal.

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