Purchasing a new home is probably one of the most expensive investments a person can make, but just as the state you live in can affect the amount you pay for a home, it can also affect the amount you eventually pay to close a sale.

Those living in the state of New York pay the highest amount in closing costs, shelling out $6,183 on average in 2011 according to results from a survey released this week by Bankrate.com. The results were based on an estimate for a $200,000 home loan with a 20 percent down payment for an individual with good credit.

Following the state of New York was Texas (with average closing costs of $4,944) and Utah (which had average closing costs of $4,944). States on the other end of the spectrum included Arkansas ($3,378), North Carolina ($3,410) and Indiana ($3,430).

The national average closing costs according to Bankrate’s 2011 study is $4,070, which represents about an 8.8 percent rise from 2010 when the average closing costs nationally stood at $3,741. Bankrate’s survey excludes information related to property taxes, homeowners insurance and recording fees.

2011 Rank2010 RankStateOriginationTitle and closing2011 total
11New York$2,210$3,972$6,183
22Texas$1,951$2 984$4,944
45California--San Francisco$1,725$3,106$4,832
2011 Rank2010 RankStateOriginationTitle and closing2011 total2011 Rank2010 RankStateOriginationTitle and Closing2011 total
11New York$2,210$3,972$6,1834830Alabama$1,604$1,898$3,501
22Texas$1,951$2 984$4,9444950Iowa$1,627$1,847$3,501
45California--San Francisco$1,725$3,106$4,8325151North Carolina$1,571$1,839$3,410

Click here to see how all 50 U.S. state’s ranked.

What’s Causing Closing Rates to Rise?

According to an analysis of the survey, the closing costs went up as a result of fees charged directly by lenders, who have bumped up their fees by 10.3 percent from last year to about $1,614 on average. A 7.9 percent rise in third party fees also accounted for higher closing costs. Stricter mortgage regulations, such as measures requiring more rigorous verification of a borrower’s income and employment, are just some of the reasons mortgage lenders and others have said they’d needed to bump up fees.

Earlier this year, the Foundation Center reported that homeowners in both New York and New Jersey paid some of the highest property tax rates in the country. Homeowners in Hunterdon County, N.J. pay as much as $8,216 in median property taxes–currently the highest rate in the nation. Residents of Orleans County, N.Y. pay the highest median property tax rates as a percentage of their home value at 3.05 percent. The Tax Foundation’s figures were based on property taxes paid between 2005 and 2009.

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