I’m pretty sure I have melted, and if not, I’m on the verge. This heat not only runs up energy bills, but it can also be life threatening if you do not protect yourself. Here are some ways to keep cool, and prepare for extreme conditions.

Central air is a luxury in New York city and on weeks such as this one, I question my sanity for living here. Many people equip their homes with window units to keep cool, but those can be super expensive when it comes down to it. By making sure your home is at optimum condition to  keep cool you can make sure the energy bills stay down.

Don’t Make Your Home a Sauna

See how it all fans out. Whether you have central air or not, having a fan in your house will keep air circulating and keep things cool. This cheap investment can prove to be a big money saver in the future.

Just hangin’ in the shade. In the summer doing something as easy as keeping your blinds closed can be a life saver. Also, you would be surprised with how cost-effective it is to have light-colored blinds that keep the sun out.

Gazpacho and Ice cream. Ok, these two things together are not going to solve your heat problem, but the concept of them will. No matter how much you love cookies and cake — hold off on baking during the super hot days. Using your open will up the temperature and cause your air to work harder.


Cool Ways to Keep Cool

Get Cultured. Break traditions, just because it is sweltering doesn’t mean you have to deal with it. Many museums offer special weekend discounts and are a great way to get out of the heat. Why not learn something new when you’re trying to survive the summer?

Get in Shape. I know the last thing you want to do when it’s a bazillion degrees out, but working out will keep you cool. That is, if you make use of that old gym membership. Gyms are a good way to stay healthy, and are kept at teeth-chattering conditions.

DIY Slushies. How good does an ice cold drink sound right now? You don’t have to hunt down the closest 7-11 to indulge your inner-teenager, just grab a blender and some ice. You can use soda and fruit to flavor your drink and will end up with a just-as-quenching (if not healthier) drink.

What to do in a Blackout

New Yorkers love a good reason to complain, and a blackout is one of the best. Whether you are in New York or not extreme heat combined with no electricity can prove to be deadly. First and foremost, be sure to follow the tips in the previous sections to keep cool, second go find some where that is cool.

Get Some Dough. It is always important to keep some cash stashed away just in case, but in the case of a blackout it’s crucial.

Don’t open your fridge. Minimize your fridge use, I know it’s hard when you have the munchies, but opening and closing the fridge door will spoil your food faster.

Be Prepared. Make sure that you have the essentials; flashlight, candles and batteries.

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