If you know a Chase customer or are one yourself you probably see those bright blue cards in the mail often. Even if you have no use for them, you can still spread the wealth right?

That’s exactly what the MyBankTracker team is doing! We like to toss-up our new checking customer opportunities online for our awesome readers. All you really need to earn the $150 is enter the code we will provide you.

One Lucky Person Gets $150

This is a one-time, one-person offer, so if you are the lucky reader that gets to apply the code please share with us in the comments section so others know not to use the code. If you got this far and realized the code has already been used, don’t fret! MyBankTracker is consistently on the hunt for bank deals to provide for our awesome customers.

Check with the MyBankTracker for other deals currently going one here. Here are the steps to get this particular deal:

1. Visit the Chase Checking website: chase.com/checking

2. Sign up for a Chase Checking account  using coupon code: 4143402372949707

Remember to let us know if you are the lucky reader that was able to use the code!

Details of the Deal

This account offer expires September 16, 2011 so you have under a month to take advantage of it. This offer is for personal checking accounts but excludes Chase High School, College and Access Checking accounts — sorry guys!

There is a $100 minimum requirement, but the account gets you:

  • Free access to Chase ATMs which proves to be convenient considering there are over 16,000 Chase ATMs across the nation
  • Free access to Chase Online Bill Pay
  • Free voice and email alerts

And of course the $150 doesn’t hurt either. You should take not that Chase Accounts that are eligible for this deal carry a $10-$15 fee which can be avoided by meeting certain qualifications specified under the account. To learn more about Chase and it’s services check out the Chase Bank Profile Page on MyBankTracker.

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