If you live in Cleveland, Ohio and own a credit card then give yourself a pat on the back, because your city currently tops the list of U.S cities where consumers improved their credit card payment behavior.

Credit ratings agency Experian compared the top 30 metropolitan statistical areas to see where American stood on both credit card and mortgage payments, and showed that across the nation there have been 20 percent fewer credit card payments that have been 60 days late since 2007.

According to Experian, Clevelanders improved their credit card payments between 2007 through 2011 by 34.7 percent. Those living in San Antonio, Tex. and Cincinnati, Ohio closely trailed by improving their credit card payments between those two years by 30.5 percent and 30.o percent, respectively. The data is on par with a recent TransUnion data showing that credit card delinquencies have recently fallen to their lowest levels since 1994 this year.

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“In looking at the numbers, we’re seeing that even in the cities at the bottom of the list, consumers are meeting their bankcard payment obligations better than before the recession,” said Experian vice president of analytics Michele Raneri in a statement. “While the Experian data shows an overall improvement to these 60 day delinquencies, as much as a 30 percent improvement is seen in the key Texas cities, which is a positive sign in what has been a slow economic recovery.”

The story with mortgages was completely different, with Experian’s report showing that 25 percent more consumers have been paying their mortgages 60 days late across the nation. Portland, Ore. did the poorest of the metropolitan ares tracked, showing a 99.9 percent change in missed mortgage payments between 2007 through this year. Phoenix, Ariz. also did poorly and showed a 78.4 percent change in missed payments between those two years.

Here’s a snapshot of both the credit card and mortgage payment rankings:

Metropolitan AreaPercent Change in Credit Card Payments
San Antonio30.5%
St. Louis23.8%
Kansas City23.2%
Metropolitan AreaPercent Change in Credit Card PaymentsMetropolitan AreaPercent Change in Mortgage Delinquencies
San Antonio30.5%Phoenix78.4%
Dallas28.8%New York49.4%
Detroit26.7%San Francisco43.0%
Sacramento25.4%Los Angeles36.3%
St. Louis23.8%Washington, D.C.31.1%
Kansas City23.2%

To see how more cities ranked read Experian’s full statement.

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