The September 2011 edition of Money Magazine gives a rundown of the best bank accounts and banking institutions for U.S. consumers.

As the entire banking industry faces increasing government regulation, decreased customer confidence looms around following the financial crisis. Meanwhile, banks are devising new strategies to generate revenue without repelling customers.

Amid the tough economic environment, banks battle with interest yields, perks, and customer service to attract customers.

In its September 2011 issue, Money Magazine picks the best banks that cater to the financial needs of its customers.

Listed below are the banks with top mentions and why:

Best National Bank Checking – U.S. Bank’s Easy Checking

U.S. Bank’s Easy Checking account touts an easy $500 monthly direct deposit to avoid the monthly service fee. Serving 25 states, U.S. bank rank at the top in customer satisfaction in J.D. Power’s 2011 retail banking survey.

Best Savings Account – Discover Bank Online Savings Account

Discover Bank is considered a relative newcomer to online banking industry and it has consistently been offering the leading interest rates on its online savings account.

Best Online PackageAlly Bank

In addition to high rates on savings and checking accounts, Ally Bank offers unlimited ATM fee reimbursements, online scanned check deposits, and a merchant-funded debit card rewards program

Best All-Access Credit Union – Alliant

Alliant Credit Union has a lenient membership policy – anyone can join after a one-time $10 donation to the charity Foster Care to Success. Additionally, competitive yields are available on savings and checking accounts.

Best Regional Bank (West)Bank of the West

– On top of a free checking account, Bank of the West offers checking account options, with a monthly fee that can be waived with a $250 direct deposit or five online bill payments. Choice Interest Checking accounts start earning interest upon opening. Also, the bank landed among the top picks for customer satisfaction in California in J.D. Power’s survey.

Best Regional Bank (Midwest)Huntington

Huntington Bank offers absolutely free checking with its 24-Hour Grace program, which provides
a window to correct a negative balance by the next day to avoid fees. The bank is also highlighted for stellar customer service.

Best Regional Bank (East)TD Bank

Calling itself “America’s Most Convenient Bank”, TD Bank is open on Sundays (and Saturdays for some branches) and evenings on weekdays. Monthly fees are avoid with a $100 daily balance in the TD Convenience checking account and a $250 daily balance for the Convenience Savings account.

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  • Douchey1

    US Bank…really? What a joke. Obviously there’s some “money” exchanging hands here

  • Islandbaby2004

    What are your thoughts about Citi Bank?  I am thinking of opening a student account and credit card

    • Anonymous

      I bank at Citi and have experienced a positive relationship with them. They have plenty of ATMs, their staff is helpful. Also their online banking services are great with an easy to use site. I have an account with Cap One too which I don’t really use anymore because Citi offers better services.

    • Guest1

      Well I recommend that you open your personal banking accounts like savings & checking with Alliant Credit Union because they have the best online security, rates and 24/7 (toll free) access of any financial institution here in the U.S.  For the credit card I use USAA Federal Savings Bank in San Antonio, Texas.  This is the only descent “bank” in the entire country as far as I’m concerned.  FYI, USAA stands for United Services Automobile Association.  

  • A.S.