Why even bother coming up with a witty intro? You know why you’re here and so do we. It’s all about the jobs. So without further adieu here are the facts you’re looking for: Speech Starts at 7 p.m. EDT and will be live streamed below.

Update: Sorry you missed it! Don’t worry though, you can read the transcript and catch a recording below:

As with almost all of his speeches, we expect President Obama to be fashionably late — but then again he may surprise us.

Live Stream: Obama’s Job Speech

There are a lot of expectations for tonight’s jobs speech, but many of them are not high. The economy has officially been out of a recession for three years and the majority of Americans feel there is not much to show for it.

Tough Crowd for Obama

Obama has a large undertaking tonight, with his name on the ballet our President has to strike the balance of keeping/attracting supporters while successfully doing his job.

He will be speaking in front of congress to pitch plan that will share the responsibility of creating more jobs with the republicans while putting this goal at forefront.

No matter what Obama proposes tonight, it will depend on the GOP reaction — which is not promising for the president. Considering reelections are coming up, and the House has a different approach to economical problems it will be difficult for the president.

Three Year Jobs Timeline

We will admit, while the jobs market is absolutely dismal, it is still a large improvement from early 2009. Whether this is the natural flow of the economy coming out of recession, or Obama’s doing is hard to say.

Since Aug. 2009 seasonally adjusted employment has been up and down, here is an awesome graph put together by cnnmoney.com to show the peaks and valleys of the unstable jobs market over the past few years.

Let us know your thoughts of Obama’s speech below:

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  • Thomash613

    Two months ago the Fed pulled all highway construction money for the State of Tennessee. Now he will give it back to make road jobs in Tennessee? Wrong!!

  • Countrymouse

    Why is everyone surprised that jobless claims have risen?  The Republicans have cut Federal jobs and Federal support for State jobs.  All those “government jobs” they want to get rid of are now people out of work.  Surprise!  “We’re going to improve the economy by cutting government spending.” What a travesty!  They are just putting more people out of work.  Which is, of course, what they want:  to make the economy as bad as possible, and to block Obama at every turn.  “To hell with the good of the  country and the American people—- let’s just make Obama fail”.  They should be ashamed and the American people should be enraged at their audacity!

  • Why is there so much applause?