Not being able to check out a product launch due to the website crashing is the (less painful) 21st century equivalent of being trampled during a Black Friday sale. This is exactly what happened to after the launched the Italian fashion line, Missoni.

So what’s the big deal, it’s just a new line at Target, why is everyone going wild? We’ll tell you why: the Target line offers prices exorbitantly lower.

Missoni Dresses up to $2,000 less at Target

A quick Google Shopping search will show you that Missoni dresses go for anywhere from $800 to $2,600 (Editors Note: That is not a mistake people, $2,600).

Target is offering dresses at a whopping $54.99, it all makes sense now. The Target site is back up after a series of crashes due to the high traffic volume, but before you do a happy dance, note that a lot of their online items are out of stock.

Missoni was featured in stores was met with the same frenzy. Reports of shoppers sprinting to the collection and fighting off other eager bargain hunters filled the media. Even police were recruited to bring order to one California Target after shoppers got out of hand.

eBay Spike in Missoni Dresses: Snide or Savvy?

Not surprisingly, there were many who saw this as an opportunity to make some profit. Over 25,000 of the sold out pieces for Missoni made it into the hands of eBay retailers going for costs up to $200 higher than the initial price.

The frenzy, fighting, site crashes and flipping culminates in one thing: a poor economy. Of course, it is no secret that we are currently struggling as a nation, but shopping trends are probably the clearest sign of the seriousness of this problem. The fact that shoppers are willing to give up their time and even dignity to get a luxury brand at an affordable price shows the importance image and budget maintenance hold in our nation.

As for those selling on eBay, while this maybe a savvy business move, the huge numbers of sellers as well as the pre-calculated nature their motives show that people are going out of their way to profit off of other’s desperation.

Where you one of the ones waiting on this new line? If so, share your experiences with the readers:

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