Obama continues his American Jobs Act tour at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. To catch live streaming of his speech set to take place at 12:55 PM EDT read below:

At approximately 12:55 PM EDT, the President will take the stand to continue his push for the American Jobs Act. Tune in at 4:00 PM EDT to catch Brian Deese, Deputy Assistant to the President along with other major player host a forum in which they answer how the act will effect America’s youth.

Live Streaming Obama in Raleigh, North Carolina

Obama was just in Columbia, Ohio yesterday speaking at the Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School. The President’s choice of speaking at schools and to youth demonstrates his push to impact the minds of tomorrow.

Relating to young adults has been a popular move in the past few elections as young voters begin to exercise their rights with the encouragement of celebrities. To catch the live stream at 4:00 PM EDT check back below closer to that time:

Youth and the American Jobs Act

This will be Obama’s third location and speech, and the president is going to need as much help as he can get. A new poll conducted by Bloomberg released this morning shows that Obama’s approval rating has sunk to 33%, his jobs approval rating at its lowest, 45%.

The poll came back with results showing that the majority of American’s are not in favor of the way Obama is handling things. Here is a quick recap:

  • Only 36% of those surveyed think Obama is putting in a good effort to create jobs
  • 30% approve of the methods use to solve the budget deficit
  • 53% disapprove of his overall performance

As with most Presidents, the approval rating fluctuates and changes through the term of their presidency, the important thing is how they preform when up for reelection. MyBankTracker.com is interested to know what you think of Obama’s American Jobs Act, let us know your thoughts below:

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