If you are in the NYC area today make sure to take a trip to Wall Street. Not to see the New York’s infamous financial district, but to check out the thousands of people who have set up camp for the next few months.

Today at noon a group of people will be meeting at Bowling Green Park to “#OCCUPYWALLSTREET’ in an effort to come up with a demand to “propel us forward toward radical democracy of the future” according to the facebook group.

Lupe Fiasco is rumored to attend, and so far the facebook group has upwards of 7,800 attending. The goal is to get 20,000 individuals to infiltrate lower Manhattan.

America’s Tahrir Moment

According to the site the goal of all this hullabaloo is to create a shift in revolutionary tactics to get demands met in a peaceful way.

The campaign gains it’s inspiration from Tahrir Square, a popular gathering place for protesters in Egypt. Most recently Tahrir housed one million peaceful protesters trying to to voice their disapproval for former President Hosni Mubarak.

The protesters will assemble at One Chase Plaza around 3 pm today.

Since this is the first assembly, organizers are hoping to get some positive attention and possibly pave way for future larger gatherings. From social networking to thriller flashmobs, organizers have thought of everything to get the word out about Occupy Wall Street.

Will You Occupy Wall Street?

It’s interesting that this organization is trying to gather a large group of protestors before there is anything to protest. They say on the facebook group that they will  repeat their demand until Barack Obama surrenders to it.

A goal of the assembly is to try not to get arrested as they set up tents, kitchens and what they call ‘peaceful barricades’. We are most interested to see which demands the group will be able to agree on. Hopefully there won’t be too much rain!

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