Touting its host of consumer-friendly products and services, Ally Bank sets off an ad campaign to ridicule other banks.

The American population may be seeing more and more of Ally Bank on television screens, billboards, magazines, and newspapers as the popular online bank launches a new ad campaign called “People Sense”.

Below is a TV commercial that has begun airing on many networks last night:

In the ad spot, a man encounters a message to acknowledge and accept a $3 ATM transaction fee for withdrawing cash at an out-of-network ATM. Meanwhile, others point out that the fees are a fact of life brought upon by banks. And, he finally chooses to accept the fee.

Ally opted to depict a situation that occurs to many Americans on a daily basis – that time crunch that leaves you no choice to pay for the convenience to use another bank’s ATM. As one would expect, Ally doesn’t charge such a fee that it feels is “nonsense”.

Finding an Ally

For many bank customers, recent regulatory changes have led to new fees, higher fees, and reduced services.

The campaign marks a commitment to maintain customer-centric products and services in a time when the financial industry is largely viewed as the public enemy – out to nickel and dime consumers at every possible opportunity.

In a Straight Talk blog post, Ally shuns the notion of being stuck in phone customer service limbo, getting caught by fine print traps, and paying a fee for live person branch service.

Ally reiterates its long list of perks such as no monthly fees, no ATM fees, 24/7 live customer service, leading interest rates, flexible CDs, and features like debit card rewards and scanner-based check deposit.

“The fundamental message we hope to convey to customers is that they don’t have to accept ‘nonsense’ from their bank,” said Sanjay Gupta, chief marketing officer of Ally Financial.

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