The United States Postal Service is bleeding and crippled, starved for cash due to the $5 billion they owe to pre-fund retirement benefits. But a new stamp rule will hopefully bring in some extra revenue.

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The gloves are off and the USPS is throwing tradition to the wayside. That’s right, as of Monday the ancient rule of only featuring deceased people on stamps is no more, and soon anyone will be allowed to have their face on the top right corner of your next water bill. This is one response to the mounting rallies taking place across the country to save the post office.

As many as 4,400 post office branches will be closed, isolating thousands of customers in small towns across the US who really do rely on the postal service for much of their connection to the outside world.

Piling Up Debt

On Friday, the USPS will be expected to pay $5.5 billion to the U.S. government  — money they haven’t had in years.

So Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe has decided that enough is enough; we should be allowed to feature living people on the stamps, eerily paying tribute to their accomplishments while they’re still alive.

There aren’t any estimates yet as to how much more revenue this will generate, but there is a golden rule in this type of marketing: Gaga sells. From sources such as Facebook comments and a CBS poll on the announcement, Lady Gaga has garnered 75 percent of the votes.

And it stands to reason that a whole bunch of her devoted followers and admirers will buy a roll of stamps featuring her face for no other reason than to own another piece of her memorabilia, this time federally approved.

Looking To Gaga

These new stamps will likely not even make a dent in the over $5 billion that the USPS  owes the government. Nevertheless, it’s a statement on whom we rely on to bail us out of this tight financial spot. Despite the literally thousands of accomplished artists, writers, Nobel Prize winners, olympians and other American achievers, Lady Gaga’s face may represent our country’s failing post office.

And if Donahoe is like the rest of this country, he will probably choose her as well.

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