If you’re a customer of Keybank then you can now look forward new service enhancements that the bank recently rolled out this week.

KeyBank (NYSE:KEY) on Wednesday announced plans to revamp its online bill payments service to make the experience more manageable for the bank’s customers. The new features, which officially went live on Monday, Sept. 26, will allow customers to send their payments faster, avoid late fees on those payments and at the same time manage online bill payments more efficiently.

According to a statement announcing the new service, the new online bill pay website will allow customers to control who they pay, how much they pay and when they pay from a single screen. With more than half of KeyBank customers using the bank’s online bill pay services to manage their accounts through their mobile phones, the move will definitely enhance the bill payment experience for the company’s banking customers.

Managing Your Bills in One Place Just Got Easier:

Included in the bank’s roster of online bill pay improvements is eBills, which allows banking customers to manage the bills of major payees in one shot rather than having to visit multiple sites or remember multiple passwords to pay bills. Another new feature included in the new website design is an expedited payments option, which can guarantee the payment of bills within one business day so that customers can avoid late fees.

In addition to eBills and the expedited payment option, payees also have the option of viewing all their payees in one list called “bill rack”; can schedule multiple payments or one at a time with a single click; and, can also manage their bills more effectively and view up-to-the minute balance information. Customers can also review up to 24 months of payment history, assess how future payments will affect their balances and create memos for certain payments.

KeyBank Revamps Banking Services:

The website update is just one of several major changes KeyBank has made to its online banking services this past month. Its holding company KeyCorp—the 24th largest in the United States—announced plans earlier this month to revamp its debit rewards program, which it said at the time was a move attributable to interchange fee cap rules that will kick in this October and reduce the amount of these fees banks with $10 billion or more in assets can charge banks that accept debit cards.

The program, called KeyBank Relationship Rewards, offers customers the opportunity to earn rewards by strengthening their relationship with the bank in addition to using their debit cards. While many of the main features of the program were launched on Sept. 21, many other features are also expected to kick in on Dec. 9.

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  • long time customer

    The new changes are terrible.  I liked the old system.  Lost my inactive payees.

    • Nigel Brownjohn

      Could not agree more, the WORST upgrade I have ever seen to an online system.  massive waste of screen real-estate. lost inactive payees (I used that feature to keep seldom used ones out of the way, while entering multiple payees in the excellent multiple payment form – also destroy in the recent carnage).  I have a 1920×1200 screen and key chooses to use about 1024×700 in the middle of the screen – and then reduces my payee names to the first and last few characters as they do not have space to display the full name any more.  Absolutely NOTHING in the new UI is more intuitive, easier or more efficient and – without any warning, they remove tons of data (inactive payees) which I was using!  

      The UI looks like it was designed by first year computer programming students – probably the ones who were going to flunk and realize programming was not for them.  No consideration of the user experience was made AFAICT – change for changes sake, and only damage done.  Shame, Key did have, IMO,  the most simple, efficient and unambiguous UI of all online system I had found.

      I’m most likely to go find another bank – I can’t be wasting time with a company who has no regard for their users.  Oh – and you cannot ‘Contact Us’ if you use Google Chrome – says your session has timed out (immediately) … great QA for an obviously truly obscure browser!

      • Chad Bone

        Yep. I agree with you completely. I’m so pissed off at this “new and improved” online banking that I am leaving. I have NEVER seen such an abysmal website design. Kiss my ass KeyBank. 

    • Concerned

      The new system is definitely not easier. The new changes are terrible!!  The old system was much faster and consumer friendly.  Most of the time I get a error message with the new system and have to wait for it to reboot.  I hate that you can’t see old account numbers.  There’s too much garbage on one page. This system is too convoluted; clients want simple and quick and this AIN’T IT!!!

      • frustrated

        oh my goodness theve just destroyed key billpay and I just spoke to sombody on the phone at key and she basicly said too bad this is our new bill pay…..

    • Thestocking

      Ive been a long time key bill payer and all I could say is if it aint broke dont fix it ,they have messed up so badly that im looking for a new bill pay service or a new bank,Any Ideas

  • Drkent2000

    13 year customer and promoted the experience online. It is horrible now! iPhone doesn’t work now with upgrade. I am changing banks for a mobile bank experience. I amazed at a bank this size makes theses kind of decisions.

  • Laurie Scalf

    OMG… I am leaving. I am paying some things twice, skipping payments on some things. Having multiple accounts is impossible with this idiotic new system they have.. I have been a customer for 15 years and I am LEAVING!!!!! Whoever designed this piece of crap system needs to use it.

  • Guest

    It definitely stinks! I used to promote Key Bank to my customers especially because their online bill pay was so efficient. I called every time I tried to use it for months and they did finally implement one or two of the old features but it is still dismal. Must be the CEO’s grandchild needed a job or something. Loved their old system and dread using the new one- avoid it when at all possible but I have 5 small businesses all with accounts and lines at Key so am trying desperately to hang in there.

  • Jason Miller

    Very old customer as well, loved the old system. Because it worked. The switch was immediate, felt rushed and broke past options I had set up. I only found out about the new system, due to letters coming to my house stating I was late/behind/ or negligent on bills that were not being paid. Logged in to see what the $%@% was going on, couldn’t do so, because I was _not_ using their only supported browser at the time: Internet Explorer _and_ found some of my bill payees were simply gone. So not only was $%$^ broken, I now had late payment fees… F off Keybank.