Do you smell that? Ah yes, it’s the scent of the pumpkin spice latte — meaning fall is right around the corner. As with an season there are products out there that will be discounted in expectations for new trends, inventory and demands.

Maybe it’s been the hot and humid conditions here in NYC or the we’re just holding out for October, but it just doesn’t seem like fall. No matter the weather though, it is officially fall as of September 23.

With the changing seasons come changing deals in the marketplace; here are a few of the industries and products you should look for savings this fall:

School Supplies

Now that everyone is officially back at school, many of the large retailers will be trying to get rid of their Back-to-School inventory. Even if you don’t want to store all the extra supplies for a year, chances are your child’s stash will need replenishing come second semester. Go grab those discounts!

Tech Gadgets

With all the buzz about new technology coming out (i.e Kindle Fire, iPhone 5, etc.) you are probably thinking that the prices will be jacked up, and you’re right. But, if you are a late adapter, or just looking to ease into the technological advances of the 21st century now is a perfect time to buy. Many of the old models will be marked down as new ones are introduced. Don’t forget: Black Friday is in November perfect for cheap prices on electronics.

Bathing Suits

This one doesn’t need much explanation, swim season is over. It’s almost a rule of thumb; if you are looking to save on clothing, buy things from the previous season.


Similar to bathing suits, Bicycles are also in low demand as the temperature drops. The main reason it’s best to buy bikes in the fall is because new models start making their appearance in September, dropping the price of the old models.


Not a bike person and have some cash saved up? Great! You should buy a car instead. Even though September is the best month to buy a car (since all the new models hit the lots), you can still haggle your way into some pretty great prices as dealers are trying to get old models off the lot. Insider tip: Weekday mornings are the slowest and therefore best time to buy a car.

Outdoor Furniture

Another no-brainer! If you finally have enough money stored away to buy that patio set you’ve always wanted go ahead and do it now. Prices will be at their lowest in anticipation for the colder weather. Make sure to make a plan of what you will need to store and what can be left outside to brave the cold.


Going along with the whole outdoorsy theme trees and other plants are at their cheapest once summer winds down. A lot of plants, if cared for properly, can survive indoors throughout the winter before they can be planted outside.

Wedding Dresses

Thinking about the big day? Even if you haven’t been proposed to yet, keep in mind that November through December provides the best time period for wedding dress shopping. The logic behind this is that statistically dress demand hikes up after the holidays (lots of proposals) so little shops and boutiques are gearing up with extra supplies even if the demand has not come yet.


The best wine comes out of the fall harvest, this is why leading up to that point wine retailers are trying to keep their inventory low and to sell off all the overstocked wine. You can definitely score some quality wine for a lower price during this time.


Jean shopping always goes in one of two ways: either you are successful and have a new pair or you end up crying in the dressing room (anyone?). Jeans are on all sorts of sales during October, many stores are trying to get rid of their back-to-school inventory and make room for holiday sales. This way you will have a larger selection to sift through, and more opportunities to save.

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