Fall has this weird lag period where summer travel is over, and holiday travel hasn’t started yet. Before you’re going up to see the in-laws do something for yourself and take a mini-vacation.

Usually when MyBankTracker.com writes about deals we let them come to us through newsletters, reader picks and social networking sites. Full disclosure; this one is all different.

Resident MyBankTracker.com writer Marina Shifrin, a.k.a me, will be writing this deal first person today because she found an awesome deal from NYC to CHI and wanted to share the site with our awesome readers.

CheapOAir Offers CheapODeals

You caught me, I had to write that intro for myself but let’s get past it. When looking for tickets to surprise a friend in Chicago I stumbled on a round trip flight for only $149, considering I paid nearly $500 dollars last December this was a huge steal. Here are some other CheapOAir deals going on through the weekend:

  • Phoenix to Las Vegas Flights: Starting at $150 these flights are a total steal. You must book these tickets by Oct. 4, 2011 so set your reminder for Tuesday!
  • Philly to New Orleans: A larger distance warrants a higher price, these tickets are $273. Book by Oct. 4, 2011 and enjoy some jambalaya.
  • San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta: If you’re on the west coast hit up somewhere more exotic like Puerto Vallarta for $445. This deal carries the same book-date as above.
  • New York to San Juan: Okay, so New York isn’t too cold yet, but I know EVERYONE here needs a break sometime and with tickets to Puerto Rico going for $241 it’s hard to say no.
  • Miami to Guatemala City: To me, Miami would be a vacation spot in and of itself, but if you live there and want to get away for a bit visit Guatemala City for $320.
  • New York to Bogota: Sorry to bring NYC up again but this deal was too awesome to pass up. If you live near the NYC area or want to spend extra to fly out here, get tickets to Bogota, Columbia for $371
  • Chicago to Rome: Do as the Romans do and visit the place for as low as $956.
  • Detroit to Cancun: MMMmmmexico, what I would do to be lying on those sandy beaches and for $347 a round trip I may just move to Detroit for a weekend to take advantage.
  • Washington to Athens: Still shaken up from the Earthquake? Cool your nerves in Athens for a cheap as $821.
  • San Francisco to Barcelona: The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane right? Well San Franciscans it looks like rain next week so hit up Barcelona for $886.

Okay, before you chew me out for not having an affordable spontaneous opportunity for you head to CheapOair.com yourself and see what you can find. Remember flying during the week and at off-peak hours will yield the best prices for your wallet.

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