Don’t worry economy, Starbucks is here to save you. According to a Monday morning press release the company is attempting to increase job growth by requesting $5 donations of their customers.

In a little under a month Starbucks plans to launch its “Jobs for USA” program encouraging customers to donate $5 or more. Partnering with the Opportunity Finance Network the coffee giant has offered to donate $5 million as start-up costs for the program.

How the “Jobs for USA” Program Works

Starting November 1, 2011, when you go into Starbucks branches you will be given the opportunity to donate $5 which will directly go to the Opportunity Finance Network (OPN). Not only will your $5 donation bring $30 worth of financing to community businesses, but it will also score you a wristband as a symbol of your support.

Your entire donation will aid businesses in hiring and maintaining jobs.

If every Starbucks store in the U.S. was able to get at least 30 customers a day to donate the $5, the company would be able to raise well over $7 million in one week (or over $1 million a day).

Starbucks Shows Business Savvy

Whenever a large corporation like Starbucks makes a move such as this one it is obvious that a big motivator is public image. The fact that Starbucks chose a jobs growth program at this time shows the company’s business savvy.

The nation’s patience with our economic struggles is wearing thin as proved by the Occupy Wall Street protests. More and more Americans are turning their focus on improving the weak jobs market as a solution to the mounting problems. Starbucks decision to leverage their ever growing success and popularity with affluent american’s will not only help small businesses, but it will also solidify their image and strengthen brand loyalty.

Schultz Makes Job Growth a #1 Priority

Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO, has proven time and time again that he knows how to run a business. This latest venture is not the first indication of his concern for our nation. Two months ago he sent out a memo urging employees to band together in order to help business growth, shortly after he asked his CEO peers to refrain from supporting political campaigns until there was a satisfactory resolution for a long-term improvement to our economy.

Schultz continues his efforts by hiring approximately 200 new employees a day as he vows to add nearly 200 more locations to the 7,000 company owned stores in the U.S.

OPN has been working with communities across the nation to build business and increase job opportunities. According to the OPN every $3,000 donated will help create or maintain a job. To lean more about this initiative, visit:

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