Looking for a bank that won’t slam you with debit card fees? Arvest Bank is lowering certain fees in a time when some banks are skyrocketing them.

Since the Durbin Amendment was ratified, banks have been struggling to recoup losses, causing Bank of America® (NYSE: BAC) to charge $5 per month when their customers use a debit card to make a purchase, and causing Citibank (NYSE: C) to email all their customers assuring them that they will not be doing this.

Arvest Bank, which is based in Arkansas and operates more than 230 bank branches in four states, is committed to ensuring that the questionable future of free debit purchases and debit rewards still remains a reliable pillar of Arvest’s services. Arvest Bank will continue to provide a free debit card, free online and mobile banking, and even a debit card rewards program.

Overdraft/NSF fees

That is why they have announced that their appropriately named Free Checking account will not only remain free, but they will actually be lowering overdraft and non-sufficient funds fees across all of their accounts.

The national average for these fees is $27.00, and Arvest, which already offers some of the lowest fees in the nation at $17.43, will be reducing that to $17 even as of Monday, November 7, 2011.

This confirms that Arvest will continue to lead the region in offering the lowest overdraft fees and may lure new customers with this very attractive Free Checking account. The bank also provides extended hours and an extensive local branch network.

Still Have Debit Rewards

Aside for the incredibly low fees, the bank was also quick to point out that most banks have eliminated free checking and debit card rewards are quickly becoming extinct. Not only will Arvest offer a free debit card, they are committed to allowing their customers enjoy the value of making purchases via debit card and get rewarded for it.

Arvest’s notions may be a bit antiquated according to big banks who are imposing new fees left and right, but its users will be happy to know that they can look to their bank as it has been since before these crazy fee impositions.

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