Hello Brooklyn how you doin’? Pretty expensive according to Jay-Z who spoke with E! Online.

As fellow Brooklynites, we know the borough—like anywhere in New York—is pretty expensive. But if you have over $400 million in net worth and are building a freakin’ stadium in the middle of the city, you’re probably doing ok.

Jay-Z: “The prices over there are really high.”

The 41 year old rapper is expecting his first child with wife Beyonce and they are looking for a new home, leaving many guessing that it’ll be in good ol’ BKLYN. Naturally when Jay-Z does anything the media and public eats it up, but when we saw reports of Brooklyn being ‘too expensive’ for Young Hov, we wanted to do some investigating.

Jay-Z’s highly publicized quote came after the question of whether or not the rapper was planning on moving to the borough which is the soon-to-be home of his newly acquired basketball team the New Jersey  Brooklyn Nets.

“I have been thinking about it, but the prices over there are really high,” Jay-Z told Cristina Gibson and Melissa Unger of E! Online,”It’s not like before!”

The ‘not like before’ part is an important section to focus on. Of course with around $450 million in the bank, Jay-Z would not have issues buying whichever adorable brownstone he wanted. The only thing Jay-Z is really doing here is pointing out this is a starkly different Brooklyn from when he grew up.

Brooklyn: Then and Now

One thing that’s clear in everything Jay-Z does is he is from Brooklyn, and proud of it. It is no wonder Brooklyn may be on the map for the Mr. and Mrs. Z’s future, but this Brooklyn is a very different one from when Jay-Z was a kid.

Twenty years ago homes were going for around $200,000 on average, that number has more than doubled to $540,000 on average. Furthermore, J will most likely not be moving to the Bed-Stuy area he grew up in even though it is no longer the riot filled, dangerous neighborhood it once was in the 70s.

If Jay-Z were to move to Brooklyn it’s our guess he would set up shop in the Park Slope neighborhood. Not only is Park Slope notorious for its stroller filled streets, voted the number one New York Neighborhood by  New York Magazine, but it will also be mere blocks from the Barclays Center — the new home of the Brooklyn Nets.

If the Jigga Man does decide to move to Park Slope he will be looking at an average sales prices of $1,389,382, definitely something he can afford, but nonetheless expensive. He can always settle for a property in his old hood where he would only face an average of $509,243 sales price.

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