Occupy Wall Street is well past its third week and it looks like the protests are garnering more attention — meaning the plan is working.

What started as a cry for attention in New York City’s financial district has now grown to hundreds of locations across the nation including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle. The latest news from the protests surrounds the support of labor leaders and their unions.

Occupy Wall Street Timeline

A lot has happened over the past few weeks, here is a timeline of the major news-making events:

Sept. 17, Day 1: Occupy Wall Street has its first gathering where nearly 1,000 people have gathered. The organization initially asked to have at least 20,000 supporters there.

Sept. 24, Day 8: Although things had been pretty smooth thus far, police begin to make arrests when protesters decide to march uptown. Nearly 80 arrests are made but the biggest story out of the march was when the video of a police officer, Anthony Bologna, macing several women hit the Internet.

Sept. 26, Day 10: Notable celebrities such as Roseanne Barr and Lupe Fiasco have already visited the protests to show support. The list grows as Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon eventually stop by as well.

Sept. 28, Day 12: Rumors of the Transport Workers Union of America supporting the protesters hit the web. Later the international president and spokesperson will voice their support in interviews and statements. Multiple unions across the nation will begin joining the cause.

Sept. 30, Day 14: MyBankTracker.com heads down to Liberty Plaza to check out the protests for ourselves.

Oct. 1, Day 15: Over 5,000 people gather to march across the Brooklyn Bridge, leading to 700 arrests. Arguments arise on whether or not protesters were coaxed into stepping into the street where they could be arrested.

Oct. 5, Day 19: Representatives from 15 of the country’s largest unions join the protests on wall street to help organize and provide overall support.

Oct. 6, Day 20: What Are They Up To Now?

Well folks, they’re growing.

There have been attempts to occupy large financial institutions such as Chase (NYSE: JPM), Citibank (NYSE: C) and Bank of America® (NYSE: BAC). Just yesterday, a student walk-out was planned with students representing over 75 schools agreeing to participate. The walk-out, scheduled to take place at noon, did not garner as much attention as other marches.

Skirting the line between nuisance and threat, the occupiers have yet to make a very compelling argument as to what it is they want. Yes, they have voiced their unhappiness with the way the country is run. Yes, they have voiced the fact that it is time to make a change. But what is that change exactly?

It is hard to tell how much of what they are doing are successful tactics, and how much of it is a story-starved media. Only time and government change will tell whether or not the protests are in vain.

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