Obama will hold a news conference today starting at 11:00 AM EDT. Check below to watch a live stream of his address.

Jobs is the name of the game this morning. As the majority of the country, and large part of the world, mourns the loss of a legend, Steve Jobs, Obama gears up to talk about the jobs situation.

Obama Jobs Conference Live Stream

The American Jobs Act

After dismal jobs reports from the past few months many are eager to see where the nation stands. The jobs report is scheduled to be released tomorrow at 8:30 am EDT.

Obama has been pushing his plan to restructure the jobs situation across the nation as he gears up for reelection. Titled the American Jobs Act, it outlines a plan to increase jobs and get the economy going again in five steps:

  1. Tax cuts which will help America’s small businesses hire and grow.
  2. Rebuilding and modernizing America by providing hiring tax credits and avoiding mass layoffs of teachers, police and firefighters.
  3. Innovate the unemployment program to help Americans who are looking for jobs.
  4. Tax relief for every American worker and family.
  5. The plan will be fully paid for because of its goals to reduce the deficit in the long run.
A lot is riding on the figures coming out tomorrow. As Occupy Wall Street protests grow in size and locations more Americans are publicly voicing their concerns for the current state of the nation. Thus far, protests have been more of a nuisance than a game-changer.
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