Columbus Day is this Monday, October 10, so remember that your bank branch might be closed. Don’t worry though: we called ahead to find out what’s open and what’s closed.

Columbus Day, which is always observed on the second Monday of October, falls on October 10 this year. It commemorates the date of Christopher Columbus’ landfall in the New World on October 12, 1492, in what is now part of the Bahamas. Columbus Day is an official federal holiday observed by most government agencies, schools, and banks.

Most, but not all, which makes Columbus Day one of those tricky holidays to plan for — it might be a regular workday for you. MyBankTracker went ahead an called ten of America’s biggest retail banks to find out if you’ll be able to swing by on Monday. Wells Fargo and Chase are open. So is Canadian TD Bank, which surprised us, given that it is Thanksgiving in Canada on Monday.

Bank NameOpen/Closed
Bank of AmericaClosed
Capital OneClosed
Fifth ThirdClosed
PNC BankClosed
TD BankOpen
U.S. BankClosed
Wells FargoOpen

*Stand-alone branches are closed, but branches within other retail stores are open.

So, there you have it. Most banks will be closed, save for Chase, Wells Fargo, and TD Bank. And if you can find a SunTrust branch located within another store, you’re set. Otherwise, get in early on Saturday, before your branch closes.

If you still desperately need to do some banking on Monday, and it just cannot wait until Tuesday, explore your bank’s online banking and mobile banking options. While deposits and checks will still take an extra day to clear, you could at least learn how to save yourself a trip to your local branch, which could save you hours of your precious time in the future. You should be able to check your balances, transfer funds within your accounts, see your transaction history, and stop payment on checks, if need be.

If you’re lucky enough to have the day off, enjoy it! Avoid your bank, and reflect on how Christopher Columbus’ wayward journey to Asia changed the world.

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