Here at we report on the ins and outs of the banking industry. Subject matter can get a little dry, that’s why when we stumble upon a story that makes us laugh we are eager to share.

This gem comes out of New Castle, Del., where a man foiled his own attempts at stolen riches with his messy handwriting.

The crime took place this past Saturday when attempted bank robber, Thomas Love, walked into a WSFS bank branch in New Castle and slipped a note to the teller.

Love wrote the note intending to explain the heist, but what he ended up doing was just confusing the bank teller. According to a news release from the Delaware State Police the teller handed the note back requesting Love rewrite it to better understand what he wanted.

It was not until the criminal fled and tellers discussed the strange behavior amongst themselves that they realized it may have been an attempted robbery and called the cops.

When Life Imitates Art

ABC News, the first to report the story, made the keen observation that this real story closely mimics a scene in Woody Allen’s 1969 comedy, Take the Money and Run.

The scene involves Allen at the bank handing over a note to the teller and the teller responding, “What does this say?”

None of the footage, or note, will be released to the public as they are both being used as evidence in the case against Love.

Delaware State Police Officer St. Paul Shavack told ABC news the only legible part of the note said something about “no dye packs” — a method used by banks where dye detonates onto the money and robber for easy identification.

In an era where computer hacking is the new form of robbery, Love is part of a dying breed of bank robbers who actually go into the branch to steal money. It’s too bad, we love to be entertained by the idiots who flub their hold-ups.

Love is currently at the Howard R. Young Correctional Institute with a $2,000 bond over his head.

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