The President is continuing to promote his American Jobs Act, and tonight he is taking it to Asheville, North Carolina. Tune in at 5:00 PM EDT to see President Obama live as he discusses the act.

President Obama didn’t wait long before addressing the people of North Carolina, giving a quick speech as he got off his plane this morning. His second speech is set to take place at 5:00 PM ET, don’t worry if he isn’t there on the dot — the president is usually fashionably late.

Obama Speaks on The American Jobs Act Live

Today kicks off the start of Obama’s three-day tour. Speaking in various places around North Carolina and Virginia, Obama will try and win over voters while simultaneously explaining the importance of his Act.

American Jobs Act Gets Denied in Congress

Obama is not going to let the lack of Republican support stop him from trying to get the American Jobs Act passed. His new method? Breaking the Act up into separate pieces and working to get them passed separately.

This morning, Obama said he is trying to give those members of Congress that denied his bill, “a chance to step up to the right thing.”

Obama mocked Republicans saying “Maybe they just couldn’t understand the whole thing at once, so we’re going to break it up into bite-size pieces.”

While tensions are high in the U.S. from the Occupy Wall Street Protests, it is in both parties best interest to seem proactive about fixing the jobs situation.

Although Republicans have not shown strong support of this Act, there have been certain points worth of consideration.

This tour is an important one for Obama, as Virginia and North Carolina are both toss ups for which way they will vote. Last election, these two states surprised voters and politicians alike as they were both victories for Obama.

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