Wouldn’t it be cool if we could time travel to the future to see the trends and technology? Well, we still haven’t gotten a handle of time traveling, but Finovate does a pretty good job of giving us a sneak peak.

If you saw our coverage of FinovateFall 2011, you’ll know there are some pretty interesting things coming to the banking industry. Finovate has done an awesome job creating a platform for financial tech companies to introduce their new products.

Although MyBankTracker.com writers Marina Shifrin, and Simon Zhen tried their best to tweet, write and describe what they saw, it was hard to relay the actual experience, until now. Earlier this week the Finovate Team announced the release of videos from all the demoing companies from the September 20 and 21, 2011 conference.

Finovate’s Best of Show Companies

At each Finovate, attendees are given a half sheet of paper where they put their top three favorite presentations from each day. At the end of the conference 9 winners were announced. If you don’t have time to sort through all the videos check out the Best of Show crew:

  • BillGuard: Alerting users when there may be billing errors, or scams in relation to their finances (video).
  • Dynamics: The future of credit cards offering interactive services where you can change your payment options by pressing a symbol on the card (video).
  • eToro: A global marketing network set up to bring transparency to the investment community (video).
  • FamZoo: A program that promotes financial education through simulators and games for children (video).
  • FeeFighters: Created for business owners, FeeFighter helps them easily choose merchant account providers so they can find credit card processors with the best deals (video).
  • LearnVest: A female oriented financial site helping women improve their relationship with money (video)
  • Offermatic: Another one of those merchant-funded rewards sites, but see why they stood out at Finovate (video).
  • oFlows: Marketed as “Taking the paper out of paperwork” oFlows basically sums it up perfectly there (video).
  • PersonalCapital: An investment management tool to help individuals with complicated financial lives (video).

MyBankTracker.com Covers Finovate

We were not surprised when the Best of Show was announced considering those companies really did do an impressive job with their presentations. Some companies that we felt stood out in a consumer-oriented space included; BankSimple, Bundle and Segmint.

Simon Zhen also provided some interesting insight to the over saturation of merchant-funded rewards as well as personal finance management tools.

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  • Thanks for the nice mention of FamZoo. Just to clarify, FamZoo helps parents teach kids good money habits through hands-on, real world money experiences. Parents run an online Bank of Mom/Dad for their kids, and can configure it to match their unique family values. It isn’t technically a real bank, but it isn’t a game either, and kids view it just like you view your own online bank. Kids get to learn through trial and error in a nurturing environment while collaborating with their parents. We have a 2 month free trial with no payment info required up front, so plenty of time to give it a whirl without committing. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re always happy to help.

    Bill Dwight
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