There is no shortage of opinion on Occupy Wall Street, but it does seem that a majority is of the youth is in support of this cause. A facebook post grabbed our attention showing a contradicting view.

Wanting to show the contradicting side of the protests, stumbled on this photo posted on CBS Radio correspondent Dom Giordano’s Facebook:

That post describes writer, Marina Shifrin’s college experience to a T. After saving money at young age, working multiple jobs and working hard in college, Shifrin was able to save over $50,000 on college expenses.

5 Takeaways From This Sign

Although this post takes a stand about Occupy Wall Street it also sums up how to graduate college debt free.

  • “I chose a moderately priced, in-state public university and started saving money for school at age 17.” Start saving for college in High School.
  • “I pay for all of my living expenses by working 30+ hrs a week making barely above minimum wage.” Work in college to pay off loans, tuition and other bills.
  • “I don’t eat out everyday, or even once a month. I have no credit card, new car, iPad or smartphone — and I’m perfectly ok with that.” Cut out expenses you can live without i.e., smartphone, cars, high bills.
  • “I live comfortably in a cheap apt, knowing I can’t have everything I want.” When you don’t have huge responsibilities like a family or a full time job, live below your means
  • “I got decent grades in high school and received 2 scholarships that covered 90% of my tuition.” Study hard and apply to scholarships

That being said, everyone is in a different situation. Many of the protesters at Occupy Wall Street have different stories to share and problems that need solving.

Those that get into debt, often don’t realize how bad it is until they can’t get out. Others, are in debt because of uncontrollable circumstances. Either way, it looks like the government is extremely slow moving and the solution is not going to be an easy one to find.

Being in debt is tough, but the best thing to help yourself is to be proactive about finding the solution. Talk to advisors, get help and set up a budget to stick to.

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  • Cai Phillips-Jones

    The folly of her argument is saying that she is not part of the 99%, as if it is a choice. It is merely a statistic, you don’t get to choose whether or not it applies to you. S/he is part of the 99%. The 99% is not a political movement. It is an amount of capital or income that you either have or do not have, in this case, the person clearly does not have it. She is talking as though the 99% is a completely made up statistic as though 99% of people agree with the politics of the movement, but that it not what the 99% is. So, no stupid, you are part of the 99% in the same way a car with 4 doors is a sedan, while a car with 2 doors is a coupe. You don’t get to choose dumbass. Sorry for the swearing, probably weakened my argument but jesus, what a stupid fucking poster. She should get a bumper stick that says: “I’m not a car, because I self-identify as paul McCartey’s belly button hair” What I don’t get is what people see in the sign.

  • Evey Styles

    According to the general consensus I’ve seen from people against the Occupy Movement, the best way to take care of debt when it becomes too overwhelming is to just not pay it back, then it’s free! I have a feeling these people against the movement are going to get a dose of reality soon.

    • Marina

      Hi Evey,

      Many people who initially thought it was a silly movement have definitely changed their minds as it has grown and gained power. I am not sure though, that the person who wrote this particular sign is ignoring his or her debt as they specify ways they are keeping their finances organized as pointed out by the article.