It’s not quite panic time, but the holidays are getting closer. It’s starting to look like the holiday shopping anxiety may shift to retailers this year as some unusual practices are starting to pop-up.

Bargain shoppers prepare yourself for the ultimate deals: free products. If you have ears, then you have probably heard the common expression, “Nothing is free” and although, that expression still rings true, this deal comes pretty close.

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Free $200+ Necklaces From Stauer Jewelers

It looks like retailers are anticipating struggles this holiday season as they are toying with different profit-hurting promotions and deals.

One store, according to the Associated Press, will be offering free necklaces usually going for $249 as long as customers pay for the $24.95 shipping and handeling costs. Their site is currently down due to being “overwhelmed” from a large amount of visitors. No worries though, the site should be “back up and running as soon as possible”.

This isn’t the first time Stauer Jewelers has gone to drastic measures to attract new customers, they had a deal like this one in 2009 on a $179 necklace. President Michael Bisceglia tells the AP, “In this economy you have to be outrageous in your offers.”

Other Retailers Up Their Game

Even though the holidays are a time when retailer make a large portion of their profits for the year, it looks like the biggest initiative is drawing in life long shoppers. That is why many businesses are sacrificing profits to gain consumer loyalty.

One trend that will most likely make a resurgence this holiday season is free shipping. With Nordstrom being one of the first of the major retailers to offer free shipping on a majority of orders, it is expected that others will follow.

Retailers that are completely online, like and, with low prices and even lower overhead are putting larger stores under huge pressure to keep up.

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