Although you do not need a million dollars to score this holiday catalogue, it will help make the reading process more enjoyable. Neiman Marcus has just released its 2o11 Christmas book featuring fantasy items mixed in with realistic, more affordable, ones.

Neiman Marcus or needless mark-ups? Since 1926 the luxury retailer has been releasing their “legendary Christmas Book”, this year going for $15. Self-described as “full of unbelievable fantasy gifts as well as little indulgences for everyone on your list” we think it is slightly in poor taste as most American are struggling with the current economy.

One nice thing though, Neiman Marcus is offering to donate to worthy charities relating to the big purchase items. Now we don’t mean to turn you off completely from this Christmas Book, there are still some affordable goods, check them out on the NM website.

Cheapest Fantasy Gift Going for $5,000

If you are on a budget you may just have to settle for the $5,000 Johnnie Walker Private Scotch tasting. Since this is offered for you and 20 guests, you could potentially spread out the cost to around $240 a person, bagpiper and Master of Whisky included. Here are some of the other pricier fantasy gifts being offered:

  • $1,000,000 Dancing Fountains From Wet: This is by far the most expensive gift offered, but there is one redeeming quality about spending this much is that Neiman Marcus will donate $10,000 to a charity working towards providing clean water and sanitation to developing countries.
  • $250,000 Speedboat: A pretty hefty price for a speedboat, but the Neoman Marcus-Edition Hacker Craft Speedboat is entirely handbuilt in the U.S. With 23-Karat gold details and 1,400 hours of craftsmanship put into it, it’s no wonder the price is so high. There are only 10 in stock.
  • $9,500 Day Trip to Stone Barns Farm for 6: Dropping nearly $10K in one day is quite a lot of dough, but apparently this is an eye-opening learning experience to teach you about creating your own home-based garden.
  • $125,000 Assouline Custom-Built Library: Okay, this one sounds kind of cool. Assouline, a publishing house, is offering to come over and put together a floor to ceiling, wall to wall library in your home. Neiman Marcus will also donate $2,500 to First Book an organization providing access to new books for children that need them.
  • $420,000 International Flower Show for 10: If you are a big flower fan then maybe you can explain paying this much to look at them as you jetset across the country. Grab 9 other botany enthusiasts and flower festivals all throughout Europe.
  • $75,000 2011 Dream Folly: This by far is one of the more bizarre items on the list, a makeshift tent/yurt/fort this “Dream Folly” is exquisitely designed to provide a fantasy escape in your own backyard. For this purchase Neiman Marcus will donate $5,000 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
  • $45,000 Tom Burr Table-Tennis Table: If you are in hopes of reliving your fraternity days in a classier way, this table-tennis table is for you. Big Brothers and Sisters will also benefit from your purchase after Neiman Marcus donates $2,500 from your purchase.
  • $395,000 The Ferrari FF: You don’t see many retailers selling cars, but then again half of these items are absurd in the retail world.
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