Bank Transfer Day, the day to move your money out of your corporate bank into a credit union, is scheduled for November 5, to commemorate Guy Fawkes’ gunpowder plot. They have one potential problem: November 5 falls on a Saturday this year, which could potentially complicate things.

As anyone who keeps a lazy weekend schedule knows, it can be tough to get to your bank before closing time on Saturday. The times vary from branch to branch, and if you sleep in, closing time can potentially bump up against brunch. It’s rare to find a branch of any sort of bank open later than 2 P.M. on a Saturday.

It’s not hard to imagine scores of young men and women thrilled at the opportunity to vote with their wallets in a unified bloc against corporate greed thwarted by sheer carelessness on Saturday — oversleeping, going out for a bite to eat, what-have-you — and missing their opportunity to take part in the 55,000 person event. It might be hard to muster the courage to close out your account and join a credit union without the wind of thousands of co-conspirators in your sails.

4 Steps To Prepare for Bank Transfer Day

We here at don’t want you to miss out. Here’s a few tips for how to proceed, should you want to participate in Bank Transfer Day properly:

1. Do It Early: The event’s organizer, Kristen Christian, explains on the Facebook page that November 5th is something of a deadline for transferring your money out of a bank into a credit union. The easiest way to avoid rushing around on Saturday would be to get the ball rolling early. Furthermore, some credit unions require actual applications to join, and these might not allow for instant access to your account. Industry-specific credit unions for example, will likely require some proof that you or a family member are part of that industry.

2. Have Your Credit Union Account Open: This relates to #1, but it’s a slightly different tip. If you get a jump on opening your credit union account, you can just do an electronic transfer from your bank account to your credit union account. You could even do the majority of your transfers online if your bank offers the service. Otherwise you face the prospect of carrying your entire net worth on a slip of paper in your pocket until you can finally deposit it in your new credit union account. Ever lost your shopping list? Or a phone number? Or any other important slip of paper? Exactly. You don’t want that stress.

3. Get Up Early: Got an early start, but you still want to join in on the anti-corporate pageantry? No problem! But if this event is as popular as Facebook suggests it is, you’ll want to get in line early, especially in case anyone decides to stage a teach-in on the dangers of predatory lending at your branch — that might slow things down for you a little bit. Many branches are closed by noon, and only open at 9 A.M., giving you a small three-hour window to conduct your business. Rolling into your Chase branch undercaffeinated  at 11:30 will lessen your chances of successfully jumping ship.

4. Get Some Cash Out: It’s always good to have a backup plan. Let’s say you successfully close out your Chase account at noon, but you get a phone call from a friend who needs you to jumpstart his car, or something like that. What unfortunate timing! But you’re a good friend, and you decide your new credit union account can wait for another day. You’ll be glad that you have some cash on hand for food and gas and whatever other expenses you may encounter as you live your life more or less off the grid for 48 hours.

Follow these steps and you should have a pain- and stress-free Bank Transfer Day. Perhaps next time they organize one of these, they’ll plan it on a day with a full eight hour business day.

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