Wait, it’s Halloween already? It seems like the older you get, the less you have to prepare for October 31st. And with the holiday falling on a Monday, many have been caught of guard. Here are some fun, cheap, costume ideas for you to throw together last second.

Whether you found out about a party last second, or want to participate in the trick-or-treating festivities with your kids, these ideas will help you avoid the marked up costumes at your local stores.


This is a popular costume among the staff here, especially since we live in a city constantly packed with tourists. What you need:

  • Hawaiian Shirt
  • Fanny Pack
  • Funny Hat: Straw Hat, Visor, Statue of Liberty Crown
  • Sandals & Socks

To spruce it up throw on some sunglasses and paint your nose white to look like it’s slathered in sunscreen. If you don’t have a camera you can hang around your neck buy a disposable camera for some added fun and old-school (yup, it’s considered old-school now) pictures.

Total Cost: $10-$30 This shouldn’t cost more than $30, since many of the items can be found around the home. If you do need to do some extra shopping run into a thrift store or the salvation army where you’re bound to find the items you need for under $5.


This is a great last minute costume idea, but maybe a tough one to navigate if you are moving around a lot. You’ll need:

  • All black (or green) outfit.
  • Purple Balloons
  • Heavy Duty Tap or String

This is a fun outfit, but be prepared for trouble makers trying to pop your grapes. If they do pop just say you’ve become a raisin! For fun you can carry around some grape juice, and if anyone squeezes you, pour ’em a glass.
Total Cost: $5-$10 Whatever you choose to wear under your “grapes” all you really need are those balloons. Even if you have the juice and go for both purple and green balloons, the outfit shouldn’t cost more than $10.

Pin-Up Girl

Although this is a costume traditionally worn by females it’s Halloween right? This play-on-words costume is pretty simple and effective.

  • Safety Pins

Use a bunch of safety pins and pin them onto a dark colored shirt or sweat shirt in the form of an arrow pointing up. Men, you may have to put in a little more work dressing up to actually look like a woman. Grab a laid back girlfriend, who knows a thing or two about makeup and has a cotton dress she could spare and you’ll be good to go.

Total Cost $5-$7 All you really need is safety pins and an old shirt. You may end up ruining the shirt in the process so make sure to use one you aren’t too attached to.

Mastercard Ad

Of course this costume idea jumped out to us, here at MyBankTracker.com; a Mastercard commercial. We have to give props to Costume Idea Zone for this idea.

  • Cardboard or paper to make a sign

On the sign all you need to write is: “Wear whatever clothing you choose. Attach a sign to your back that says “Shirt: $30…Jeans: $50…Shoes: $70……Halloween costume that took minimal effort: Priceless.”
Total Cost Free-$3 All this costume needs is a cardboard sign and that’s it. You should be able to score some free cardboard from the local grocery store. You may need some tape or string to secure it to your outfit. If you don’t want to carry around a heavy sign, you can always neatly write it on the back of a plain shirt.

A MyBankTracker.com Favorite: Occupy Wall Street Protester

This is a staff original. Maybe we are just up to our necks in OWS news and that’s why this brilliant idea came to us, but when tossing around last minute ideas we couldn’t think of a more perfect costume.

  • Cardboard Sign
  • OPTIONAL: Sleeping bag
  • OPTIONAL: Zombie Makeup
  • OPTIONAL: Hand Cuffs

For this costume you can do a multitude of things. We are personally going to go for the Zombie OWS look that the protestors donned earlier this month with a t-shirt that showcases 99% on the front and just writing up a sign seen on the protests. Simple and cheap!

Total cost: Free – $10 Depending on how far you go with this outfit,  you potentially have everything you need. Just wear some clothes that make you look like you’ve been sleeping outside for a bit.

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  • For the OWS protestor costume, the sign needs to be whimsically sardonic. And any serious protestor these days needs to be holding up their iPhone at all times to record all the action.

    For maximum laughs, wear the OWS getup at parties thrown by the 1%. TFF.