Those looking for advice in the realm of auto financing can now look to Ally Financial’s Ally Wallet Wise program, which recently added the subject to its online course roster.

Ally Financial announced on Monday its plans to add an automotive finance section to its informal curriculum — a program that already includes courses in budgeting, credit management, and banking and investing. As with the rest of the Ally Wise Financial program, the courses are available both online and at live sessions hosted by both Ally and affiliated organizations across the country.

The Ally Wallet Wise program is a spin-off of SmartEdge by GMAC—a financial education initiative launched by Ally Financial in 2002. The program is just one of several personal finance and money management tools the company has introduced to the masses this year, with others including its merchant-funded rewards program Ally Perks, person-to-person payment services and IRA and eCheck deposit functionalities.

“The Ally Wallet Wise program — including the new auto finance curriculum — can empower consumers to make confident decisions, whether it is buying a car or simply creating a budget for the first time,” said the company’s chief communications offers Gina Proia in a statement. “With both the in-person and online options available, Wallet Wise can provide consumers with valuable information that can be applied to many personal finance challenges, helping them achieve their longer-term goals.”

Test Your Auto Finance Knowledge

Anyone in the market for a car knows how difficult it can be to determine what specific car and financing arrangement will best meet your needs. The decision to whether to lease versus purchase a vehicle can further complicate the process. Through the Ally Wallet Wise personal finance curriculum consumers can get schooled in areas like whether to lease or purchase a vehicle; how to shop for a car; terms and phrases to know; and, the pros and cons of a vehicle insurance.

As with the other courses included in the Ally Wise program, each chapter is followed by a series of multiple choice questions to test your knowledge. But, if you think your knowledge is best tested in a classroom-type setting then you can also search Ally’s website to find live courses taught in conjunction with non-profit organizations in your own area. While Ally began the financial education initiative this past July offering live courses in the states of Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina and Texas, it’s since expanded to cover areas in California, Missouri, Arizona.

The addition of an automotive financing component to the Ally Wise roster of financial education tools is obvious given the scope of Ally Financial’s involvement in consumer automotive financing realm. The company, one of the largest automobile financial services companies in the country, was recently ranked No. 1 overall auto lender in the United States according to the Experian Automotive.

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