This year it seems Black Friday can’t wait until 3 AM, as Target, Macy’s and Kohl’s all announced they will open at midnight sharp on Black Friday.

With possibly the single biggest shopping event of the year coming up in just a few short weeks, all three of these giant retailers are causing consumers to rethink their entire shopping plan. Usually you eat dinner, catch a quick nap and you’re out of your house by the crack of dawn to get in line for when doors open.

This Year, Don’t Bother Sleeping

With last year’s snowstorms largely contributing to slumping sales in an economy that needed any news but that, these companies are not taking any chances. If longer hours will help them reap some extra revenue, it’s worth it. Amazon even opened its online store three weeks in advance this year.

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Although most speculate that the shopper base will be the same people just a few hours earlier, perhaps early morning shoppers will get their shopping done sooner, causing normal people to have a little less competition.

The real question is what happens from 3 – 5 AM?

Most stores will open at these hours for some prime-time shopping, but at Target, Macy’s and Kohl’s it would stand to reason that this time slot should revert back to its status as the ungodliest hours of the morning.

Or perhaps will Walmart shoppers, fresh off their own binge, satisfy their raging appetite for stuff by checking out the recently decimated and ravaged aisles to search for remains?

Same Time Next Year

Either way, the shopping scene will change. This year (so far) it’s three chains. Next year it may be five and after that it can certainly become the new standard, making those bleary 3 AM sprints a thing of the past.

This is definitely more convenient to the average customer, but it also provides more hours for workers, who may or may not be happy with the extra shift. For companies in the gift-related industry, seasonal hirings are skyrocketing with respect to the recent layoffs we’ve seen.

More hours mean more work but hopefully it won’t result in revolts of overworked and disgruntled employees.

If the department stores are successful, maybe we’ll start seeing more sales like Walmart’s new Super Saturdays, which will feature Black Friday-esque sales on TVs and Xbox 360s in anticipation of the holiday season.

Holidays have long been the season to capitalize.

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  • Anonymous

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  • Rick1006

    I don’t understand why self-centered, materialistic Americans can’t contain themselves a few extra hours for this insane tradition to kick off. A very real down side to these retailers opening early, (not that greedy customers care), is that it means the difference as to whether the employees get to spend time with their OWN families instead of cramming down Thanksgiving dinner and saying “goodbye” to go home and grab a quick nap to be back at work at least 1 hour before the store opens. Some employees who were able to drive a few hours for that precious time had to sacrifice the holiday altogether to ensure they would be at work nice and early to wait on stuffed, mean, destructive, rude, cranky from lack of sleep customers who are willing verbally assault an already exhausted sales clerk for not being able to find that perfect gift that would best pay homage to the birth of sweet baby Jesus.