Visa cardholders will be able to tack on a mobile rewards program to their spending when they use the shopkick app.

Shoppers with a Visa card, whether it’s a debit card or a credit card, can now link to the shopkick app for an add-on mobile rewards program.

Typically, the shopkick app rewards users when they “check-in” to a participating retailer location with their smartphone devices (the rewards currency is called “kicks”). Kicks can be redeemed for merchandise, restaurant vouchers, gift cards, movie tickets, cruises, and charitable donations.

Under the partnership between Visa (NYSE: V) and shopkick, cardholders will qualify for the “Buy & Collect” program, which awards kicks when a certain amount is spent at a participating store.

Here’s a video introducing the new program:

Kicks are earned with little effort as shopkick automatically detects when a user walks into a store and when a linked Visa card purchase qualifies for rewards.

“Shoppers get more rewards, and our retail partners get more shoppers and purchases — all made possible through the Visa network — it equals a win-win-win,” said Cyriac Roeding, CEO and co-founder of shopkick, in a prepared statement.

Can’t Argue With More Rewards

As debit card rewards programs disappear throughout the year following new regulations, consumers may find the shopkick app to be a nice way to earn rewards for spending. Any debit card that sports the Visa logo can be connected to shopkick.

For Visa credit cards that don’t offer a rewards program (typically low-interest cards), shopkick delivers the same added benefits as it does to debit cards.

For Visa cash back/rewards credit cards, shopkick provides an extra rewards program in addition to the card’s standard rewards program. It helps boosts the rewards-earning potential of card — something that most consumers don’t mind having.

Currently, participating retailers include American Eagle Outfitters, Old Navy, Toys “R” Us, and Wet Seal, with more to come.

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  • Stephanie

    yes but in fine print it says they are able to sell ur information if they file for bankrupcy i just unlinked mine after this horrible problems they are have and im concerned that some one may be able to steal my identity due do all these issues they are having