Owe one of your distant relatives a lot of cash and need to get to the bank before Thursday? Better get there today — your bank is going to be closed tomorrow.

Unlike so many retailers and restaurants who will likely be overstaffed for Turkey Day, banks actually let their employees observe the holiday. So while you break bread with your loved ones, relish in the bounty of autumn, and eat more than your fill, you can breathe easy knowing that your local branch employees, from loan officers to security guards, are all doing the same.

Meanwhile, raise a glass for those unfortunate enough to have to work in retail, who are likely making pyramids out of boxes of consumer electronics in preparation for a midnight crush of overfed bargain seekers. Be thankful you are not one of them, for it is hard to imagine being forced to part ways with your family on the best day of the year to stack things for eight dollars an hour, just so that people can almost kill one another the following day in order to save pennies on the dollar. But Black Friday is incredibly important to the way our economy works these days, so be thankful for that too.

Without further ado, here is a list of banks that are closed tomorrow, and open on Friday:

BankThanksgivingBlack Friday
Bank of AmericaClosedRegular Hours
Wells FargoClosedRegular Hours
CitibankClosedRegular Hours
ChaseClosedRegular Hours
U.S. BankClosedRegular Hours
HSBCClosedRegular Hours
TD BankClosedRegular Hours
Capital OneClosedRegular Hours
Fifth ThirdClosedRegular Hours
PNC BankClosedRegular Hours
Bank of the WestClosedRegular Hours
BBVA CompassClosedRegular Hours
M&T BankClosedRegular Hours
Regions BankClosedRegular Hours
BB&T BankClosedRegular Hours
KeyCorpClosedRegular Hours
SunTrust BankClosedRegular Hours
Huntington BankClosedRegular Hours
Commerce BankClosedRegular Hours
TCF FinancialClosedRegular Hours

So there you have it: every bank is closed on Thursday and they will be open for regular Friday hours. If you plan on doing some banking before tomorrow, you better get it done right now.

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  • Youareamoron

    Obviously you are an idiot who failed to do research. Pnc is open thanksgiving for branches in stores such asstop & shop from 11am – 1pm

    • Willy Staley

      Obviously you are quite wise. Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful feedback. Should anyone have decided to visit a PNC standalone branch, one that exists independent of an Asstop & Shop say, they would find it closed.