In a push to get more supporters of the American Jobs Act, the White House has designed a cool interactive calculator to show how much money you may be missing out on if the Act is not passed by Congress. President Obama has been urging Congress to pass the act as quickly as possible, the deadline is coming up in just 20 days.

If you think you may not be able to remember the upcoming deadline, don’t worry the white house came up with a cool interactive graph for that as well.

The American Jobs Act had quite the introduction,  along with hugely watched nationally televised address, the Act its very own tour led by President Obama.

American Jobs Act Hits A Legislative Wall

Proposed on September 8, 2011, Obama saw no reason the bill shouldn’t be passed “right away”. With promises of not adding to the national deficit, and getting more Americans back to work, it was hard to see a reason this bill would not get passed right away. But Republicans have found a way, stating the bill needs to focus on the China trade and striking down other portions of the bill, resulting in a rejection from the Senate in October. Obama has vowed to continue hes efforts — as clearly indicated by the tricked out White House website.

According to the site, the average family will get a total of $1,500 in tax relief if the bill is passed, and will have to pay an average of $1,000 extra in taxes. When I did the calculation I was right around the average with $800 owed without the bill and $1,240 saved with it.

The biggest issue with reaching an agreement so this bill can be passed is politicians not agreeing to even discuss why each respective bill failed. As anyone who has been in any sort of relationship knows, conflict is resolved with conversation.


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