Oh man, that was close. You almost missed this sale! Luckily you have until 11:59 PM ET tonight before this deal expires. Like most promotional sales, there isn’t much to it. All you need to do is enter the promotional code provided below when shopping online.

As an added bonus, you get free shipping off any order totaling more than $50. If you are close to that total just go ahead and treat yourself to something that will nix the shipping costs.

Okay, I know why you are here and it’s for one reason only, the promo code. So Ladies and Gents (but probably mostly ladies) I will not make you wait any longer, here it is: GAPEXTRA.

You know the drill, visit Gap.com and do all the shopping your fashion-heart desires and when you are done enter the promo code GAPEXTRA at checkout.

As an added bonus, this 25% off promotion also applies to already reduced sales prices as mentioned above. You can end up getting away with a ton of stuff for not as much money!

Details of the Deal

As mentioned before, this deal ends a minute before midnight tonight. This is only valid online so skip your trips to Gap, the Gap Outlet, Gap Generation, or Gap 1969 stores. Unfortunately if you are looking to save on Leather and Suede Apparel, select Denim, Baby Sleepwear, Playtime Favorites, and First Favorites, you are out of luck as the deal doesn’t apply.

This offer is subject to change without notice so you should go ahead and browse the online store today, after all just looking can’t hurt right?

MyBankTracker.com is always looking for deals to bulk up our Bargain Tracker section. So if you have the inside scoop on any great deals going on feel free to share with the MyBankTracker.com team in the comments section below.



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