A certain item in your favorite Facebook game is clearly way out of reach, but you’ve got to have it. Well, Facebook comes to your rescue with advertiser offers that, when completed, awards in-app currency. Among them are credit cards… for now.

Facebook, currently the epicenter of Internet social life for millions of people, launched in-app currency offers on Friday.

Simply complete an advertiser offer and you’ll earn in-app currency. For example, users may earn in-app currency by signing up for Netflix, buying a Gap gift card, or filling out a survey.

Possibly the most alarming offer: get approved for a Discover More credit card. In fact, it’s one of the “Most Popular” offers and awards a large amount of in-app currency, which hints at the effectiveness of these offers.

Imagine someone who simply has to purchase a particular animal in FarmVille and opts to apply for a credit card just to obtain enough in-game currency. How is it any different from the outlawed college campus card marketing technique? Just fill out this credit card application and you’ll get a free FarmVille cash card.

Furthermore, these offers are very opportunistic in the same way you may be shopping at a retailer and are presented with a store card to get discounts.

Facebook and Your Money

Banks are growing their presence on Facebook with various ways to interact with their customers. Citi began allowing members to pool reward points through a new Facebook app. American Express offers card-linked deals and discounts.

It would not be surprising to see online savings accounts, prepaid debit cards, credit monitoring services and a plethora of other financial services make their way into Facebook’s in-app offers.

Wise financial decisions are rarely made in haste, but we know that willpower often succumbs to impulsive desires.

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