Finding a U.S. Bank branch or ATM is about to become much easier and more fun. The bank’s upcoming Find US+ mobile application, which is currently in pilot mode, is enhanced with augmented-reality technology — the next generation of geo-location functionality.

The Find US+ app will display a graphic that pinpoints the location of a nearby U.S. Bank branch or ATM, along with its address, distance, business hours and real-time operational status (open, closing in an hour or closed). Additionally, the app will provide the best route to the location.

More interestingly, using the camera on a phone in street view, a user will see the same location information overlaid on the actual environment. The Find US+ app will display the branches or ATMs in the direction in which the phone is pointed.

U.S. Bank (NYSE: USB) is the fifth-largest bank in the nation with 3,085 branches and 5,053 ATMS across 25 states.

Below is a video of the Find US+ app in action:

For now, the Find US+ app is a stand-alone app that is being tested by U.S. Bank employees. A launch date has not been confirmed. The version that is being tested by employees is ready for release, but the bank is currently measuring the stability of the app’s geo-location features.

“The app could be available in as few as 30 days,” said Dominic Venturo, chief innovation officer for U.S. Bank Payment Services, in a phone interview. “The Find US+ app can also be augmented into the U.S. Bank mobile banking app in the future.”

Built in-house, the app will initially launch for Apple’s iPhone before the bank integrates its functionality into mobile banking app and expand into other mobile platforms, Venturo said. The augmented-reality technology can also be used power location-based deals and offers.

Although the Find US+ app is intriguing, U.S. Bank is not the first bank to implement augmented reality technology. PNC Bank launched a similar locator app in December.

Until Google’s Project Glass yields a mainstream consumer product, these augmented reality apps will keep things interesting.

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