(UPDATE: The iPhone update with mobile deposit launched on Tuesday, August 7.)

Some Bank of America® customers are feeling unsatisfied today as updates for the iPhone and Windows Phone versions of the bank’s mobile application have not arrived as expected. That means customers are left waiting for the much-desired mobile check deposit feature. 

Last week, Bank of America® provided MyBankTracker with the expected release dates for mobile check deposit, a feature that lets customers deposit checks through a smartphone or tablet device. Both iPhone and Windows updates were slated for Thursday. As of 12:45 p.m., Eastern Time, on Friday, no such updates had materialized.

Many customers expressed their frustration in customer reviews left in the app stores.

So far, only the iPad has the highly-demanded deposit feature. Mobile check deposit was slated to launch on the iPad on July 25 and the update arrive on July 26, according to the timestamp in the Apple App Store.

BofA said the dates it provided are estimates and subject to the processes involved with pushing updates through app stores, said Bank of America® spokesperson Tara Burke.

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  • Rick Fortenberry

    It came to my Ipad in an update the other day. It’s a great app, seems to work well. Nice to be able to deposit checks IMMEDIATELY, though of course they’re not credited until the next business day, just as if you made the deposit at an ATM or branch. Another thing is you have to keep the physical check for 14 days, “for verification if necessary”. Not sure what that means. I assume too that my customers will have electronic images of their cancelled checks…

  • It’s MONDAY…. Some people were saying the app would be available today but as of 2 PM ET still no check deposit app… 🙁

  • Still no update…

  • It is now Tuesday Aug 7th 2012 and no update for IPhone. It is sad when my SMALL local bank has the remote deposit feature but a multi billion dollar bank can’t seem to get it right. Someone needs to be fired at BOA.

    • Simon Zhen

      The iPhone update is now available on the Apple app store.

  • I can confirm that the Android phone update (August 6th) has not rolled out yet either. So… we’ve got missing updates on 3 of the 4 platforms that are supposed to have them so far. We’ll see if they miss the Android tablet date as well. My guess is they will.

    • Agreed. I just saw the articles this morning (8 Aug) and have yet to see that feature added to the app. No updates available in the Google Play store.

      • m. allen-johnson

        ive been trying to use the feature (on my iphone 4s) ALLLLL morning, and still, as of 1:40pm CST, when i click ‘continue’, after having taken a picture of the front and back of the check, choosing which account to deposit it to, and how much, it gives me the error message ‘sorry, but the service is temporarily unavailable. please try again later’…uuuggghhh!!!!

        • Sterlinghawk

           guess what it is still unavailable, rotten piece of software (on ipad)

  • Shirlee

    IPad also “temporarily unavailable” (again). Another lame effort by Skank of A.