The much-anticipated mobile check deposit features has arrived for Bank of America® customers who own Android smartphones. The launch comes nearly two weeks after the bank’s expected release date of Aug. 6.The delay was a reason for frustration for customers who’ve been eagerly awaiting the convenient feature, which comes with no charge. A Bank of America® spokesperson previously told MyBankTracker that the process of pushing updates through their corresponding app stores could impact the launch timeline.

After updating the Bank of America® mobile banking app on their Android phones through the Google Play store, customers can deposit paper checks by taking photos of the checks. Customers are subject to deposit limits due to the risk of check fraud.

Early reactions to the update are positive.

“I just hate to rate a bank app five stars, but now with check deposit on my [Samsung] Galaxy S3, I have to,” said reviewer “hotdog12” in the Google Play store. “I’ve been waiting for check deposits since the iPhone was able to do it. So glad I can finally do it!” said “Josh.”

Currently, Bank of America®’s mobile deposit is available for Apple iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones. The feature is also slated to arrive on Windows Phones (originally expected to arrive Aug.2) and Android tablets (target launch date is Sept. 18).

Update: According Mike McCabe, a MyBankTracker reader, the smartphone version (and mobile deposit) of the Android app also works on Android tablets.

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  • Mike McCabe

    The Bank of America mobile check deposit feature is now available on Android tablets as well. I own the Acer Iconia A100 Series Tablet running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. My Bank of America App updated with the mobile check deposit feature on 08/16/2012.

    • Simon Zhen

      According to the Google Play store, the Bank of America for Tablet app was updated last on August 7, 2012. I don’t see mobile deposit under the list of features.

      • Mike McCabe

        Well, I can tell honestly tell you that the mobile check deposit feature is indeed on my Bank of America mobile banking app. Like I said, it updated with this feature on my tablet on 08/16/2012.

        • Mike McCabe

          I’m using Bank of America mobile banking android app version 4.0.50.

          • Simon Zhen

            I’m not too familiar with Android devices, is it possible that apps designed for smartphones can run on the tablets too?

            The latest version of the BofA app is also 4.0.50.

            • Mike McCabe

              Yes, I think you are correct. The same app for android smartphones also runs on Android tablets.

              • Simon Zhen

                Good to know that it also works on Android tablets. Have you tried to deposit a check with the tablet yet? If so, I’d love to inform readers that they could use the phone-version on their tablets.

                • Mike McCabe

                  I just made a deposit a few minutes ago, and the app works like a charm!

                • Mike McCabe

                  Simon, I have made one deposit using the mobile check deposit feature on my Android tablet and it worked without any problems. The deposit immediately showed up as a pending deposit on Bank of America Online Banking. I made the deposit at 6:00 PM on Friday and the funds were fully available on Saturday morning.

  • Cathy Fairhurst

    I couldn’t get the update until I uninstalled the previous version and reinstalled the new one. Just deposited my first check!

  • MB95618

    Well I have tried to get two different checks to work on my S3 and took about 20 pic to no avail… It won’t take the images.. What am i doing wrong? Bright light, clear image in the square..

  • gshayes

    Love the app, but I still can’t find instructions on what to do with the paper copy of the check after the deposit transaction is complete.

  • The app downloads to the Galaxy Tab 2 – 7″ tablet, and you can usually log in and see your balances, but you can do that from any browser. The check deposit function does not work. I’ve been trying it since November 2012, but all it does is lock up and crash. It won’t even take a picture of the check. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled at least a dozen times, same result. It’s halfway through February 2013 and this app still hasn’t been fixed. Don’t choose BOA thinking you can do mobile check deposits. This aspect of the app does not work, and since it’s been reported to BOA hundreds or thousands of times over the past half a year or so, it’s safe to assume that they just don’t care and don’t intend to make this work. Go with any other bank, BOA has too many customer service issues.