Don’t forget: this upcoming Monday is Labor Day, and your bank will most likely be closed. The New York Stock Exchange and government offices are always closed on Labor Day, but your bank is free to do as it pleases. As you will see in the table below, most choose to take the day off. 

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And they ought to. Labor Day commemorates the ingenuity and struggle of America’s workers. Bank tellers and loan officers like domestic light beer and hot dogs just like the rest of us. So get your banking done early if you have any to do, because you probably won’t be able to on Monday.

Bank of AmericaClosed
Wells FargoClosed
U.S. BankClosed
Capital OneClosed
TD BankOpen
HSBC BankClosed
PNC BankClosed
Regions BankClosed
BBVA CompassClosed

TD Bank, as usual, is the only bank keeping its branches open. Whether this is because it hails from Canada, or because it bills itself as America’s Most Convenient Bank, we can’t say. Some other bank branches located within larger retail spaces, such as supermarkets, might be open, but this varies from location to location.

As always, you have online banking options open to you, so you can check your balance and transfer funds within your own account. If you bank with a large nationwide bank, you will likely have access to customer service representatives on the phone. More importantly, enjoy the end of summer, and stay safe.

UPDATE: For residents of Louisiana dealing with the damage from Hurricane Isaac, there will be some relief: Chase is keeping 20 branches open in that state on Labor Day.

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  • Just FYI, TD Bank having htose hours has nothing to do with them being a Canadian Bank, they actually only recently started 7 day hours at selected branches there. The holiday hours were actually started by Commerce Bank and taken over by TD when they acquired the company!