More consumers can expect to see personalized deals and offers through their debit or credit card. MasterCard has acquired Truaxis, a provider of loyalty rewards and personalized deals, with a goal of bringing more value to MasterCard cardholders.

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“Through the acquisition of Truaxis Inc., MasterCard expands its card-linked offers services, helping merchants and financial institutions to deliver compelling offers to consumers via their existing credit and debit cards,” said Joseph Gallo, a MasterCard spokesperson, in an email statement to MyBankTracker.

Truaxis, formerly called BillShrink, is known for its StatementRewards platform, which presents special offers based on a consumer’s spending activity. These personalized offers show up in monthly statements, next to transactions that indicate what the consumers like to buy. For instance, a purchase for coffee may lead to a “$10 off a $25” purchase at a major coffee shop chain. The offer must then be activated, after which the offer will automatically be applied the next time the consumer makes a qualifying purchase.

Similar personalized-deals programs have become a trend in the financial industry. Bank of America®, American Express, Capital One and U.S. Bank are some of the biggest financial institutions that launched personalized-offers programs in the past year.

The addition of a personalized-offers platform is just one of the many initiatives taken by MasterCard to bolster the value offered to cardmembers. “Card-linked offers are complementary to other rewards and loyalty programs and efforts that help ensure that our cardholders get the best deals and best experience however and whenever they choose to shop,” Gallo said.

In June, MasterCard partnered with Shopkick, a provider of location-based rewards, to offers an add-on rewards program to any MasterCard user. Cardholders receive points for participating merchants and making purchases. These points can be redeemed for merchandise, gift cards, charitable donation and more, like most rewards programs.

Also, MasterCard has a program, called MasterCard Marketplace, which acts as a portal to daily discounts and offers from various companies including and GiltCity. Cardmembers have the option of connecting their card accounts to the Marketplace app on Facebook so that MasterCard can provide offers that are tailored to their interests and preferences.

“At MasterCard, we constantly seek innovative ways to enhance the value of every transaction for all players in the payments system — consumers, merchants, issuers and others,” added Gallo.

Since these programs and services are often independent of those provided by card issuers, they can stack with any perks that are already available. Consumers with rewards or cash-back cards may find that they have more rewards or special offers through MasterCard. And consumers with no-frills cards may discover that their cards can do more.

As of June 30, 2012, MasterCard’s logo appears on 134 million debit, charge and credit cards in the United States.

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