Major book retailer Barnes & Noble has reported that criminals have stolen debit and credit card information from customers who recently swiped their cards at PIN pads in 63 stores throughout the country.

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“The criminals planted bugs in the tamped PIN pad devices, allowing for the capture of credit card and PIN numbers,” the bookseller said in a press statement. “Barnes & Noble is continuing to assist federal law enforcement authorities in this matter.”

One PIN pad in each of these stores were compromised, allowing criminals to steal data from customer cards. Customer databases for the Barnes & Noble website and NOOK e-commerce platforms were unaffected.

The retailer is working with financial institutions and card issuers to identify compromised accounts and to notify affected customers.

Barnes & Noble has released the list of stores, in nine states, where tampered PIN pads were found. All PIN pads at all retail stores have been uninstalled. Swiping a card at a company cash register remains secure.

The company did not say how many customers were affected or how much card information was stolen by the criminals.

What You Should Do Now

Barnes & Noble customers who recently made an in-store purchase through a PIN pad should review their account activity to see if there are any fraudulent transactions that have occurred. If there are, a dispute needs to be filed with the card-issuer in a timely manner to receive a refund.

Affected customers should request new card numbers and change their PIN for their debit cards. This will help prevent unauthorized transactions that are attempted with the compromised card information.

As always, consumers need to keep a close eye on their financial accounts for any sort of suspicious activity.

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